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June 25 2006

The seven best dramatic season-ending cliffhangers on DVD. 'Becoming, Part 2' features once more on another 'best of season finale' lists (spoilers for the Battlestar Galactica season 2 finale).

No doubt about it....Joss did good. Becoming was awesome.
Best hour of t.v. to date.
It is awesome....but the ending isn't a cliffhanger.
Well we had the "OMG" moment of..."Is Angel really dead? Will Buffy be back?"
That's kinda cliffhangery. Kinda.
I don't find it very cliffhangery either. I think her death fits much better. Once we knew that the show would be coming back the next year, we were left wondering how Buffy would come back.
It's a cliffhanger in the sense that she left her family, friends, home, watcher, duties and her slaying lifestyle.

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That isn't a cliffhanger though.
I'd say it's a cliffhanger, kinda. I mean, Buffy left Sunnydale.
Well, it was enough to make me get up off my couch and go buy the next season. A cliffhanger means that you are left without the answer to something, correct? If 'Who shot J.R.?' is a cliffhanger, then 'Where did Buffy go and is Angel really dead?' is a cliffhanger. IMO.
I'm with holy. Like with BSG S2, they gave us the big jaw-dropping moment before the end of the season, but they also left us with more questions than answers. Where's Buffy going? Is she abandoning slayerhood altogether? Who's going to protect Sunndydale? Will the Scoobies survive? It's not The Gift, but I was certainly hanging off that cliff!
But by the same token you could say any season finale is a cliffhanger because it doesn't tell you what happens next. A cliffhanger is more where the action is interrupted and then resumed in the next season's first episode.
Any season that ends with a death in the Whedonverse is a cliffhanger.
I always thought of the Becoming Part II as a great, though majorly sad, ending, not a cliffhanger. If that had been the (far too early) final episode of the series, it would have felt pretty final to me, keeping in mind that the whole Angel is dead and Buffy leaves town perhaps never to be heard from again thing wouldn't have been very upllifting.

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