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July 22 2002

Despite the misgivings of the writer of this piece, the fact that this game is coming soon almost makes want to buy an XBox.

(I apologize if you encounter an interstitial ad.) The game looks decent enough graphics-wise, but just the fact that you get to roam around in locations like the Bronze and the graveyard would definitely sell me on this game if I had the proper hardware to run it.

On buffyverse you can find two movies: a trailer and a 30 second game preview.

[ edited by hannah on 2002-07-22 17:51 ]
X-Box needs a LOT of work yet---but I want the game!
My XBox will be prepped and ready... assuming they ever release it. You do all realize that the release date has been changed somewhere around 10 times??? That isn't very promising.

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