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June 25 2006

The big screen lacks serious girl power. A Contra Costa Times writer takes Hollywood to task over lacklustre female superhero movies but holds out for the prospect of Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman.

Very true and, for this very reason, I'm concerned about Joss' 'Wonder Woman'. Now, please don't take me wrong. If anyone can write a super heroine, it's Joss. And I'm sure the story will be good. However, I fear the current viewers will ignore it because none of the previous 'Girl Power' movies were considered successful.
"...REPORTEDLY working on a big screen script for Wonder Woman..."?
I heard that they are making a Catwoman 2...God, let's hope it's just a rumor!
Maybe they'll make Catwoman 2 starring Gina Torres and it'll be completely different from Catwoman and actually good, kinda like Nathan and White Light 2...? Any chance? No? Oh, well.
I have faith in Joss. He's great at what he does. I can see Wonder Woman having an intelligent dialogue. And like Alyson Hannigan said, "Joss gets us girls. He knows how we think." So Joss is the man for Wonder Woman. Buffy is the new Wonder for Joss :)

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Yes, very true article.

And, okay, this is semi-related, considering the above Gina mention...

Someone needs to get Gina Torres in an adaptation of Frank Miller's Ronin. Preferably now. That would be incredible.
Here's a question - when was the last time anybody here saw a movie which made them respect men, which had an equality or power (or such) message/theme?

I actually can't remember.

I watched 'Contact' yesterday, and I just got say - I completely respect Eleanor Arroway, and am very attracted to her character. Which might sound like an odd thing to say, as that isn't the focus of the story, but it's a movie I return to every few years as her character is so well defined, intelligent, powerful and interesting it's... well, I would say unreal, but that would kinda be the point. It's a real, under represented character.

I'm not bothered if Wonder Woman is a straight up feminism movie (and I should point out I'm a raving liberal feminist nowadays) -- I'm bothered if I care for and respect the characters, male or female. If that happens, there's a big tick in the box for me.
I agree with the article. Super heroines have seemed to be portrayed as either completely invincible, taking the human out of 'superhuman' or as manipulative, sultry minxes that get the upper hand by rending their males adversaries gaga via their feminine wiles.

I have hope for Joss's Wonder Woman, because he has written strong characters in the past. It doesn't matter whether they were male or female. They were complete characters with strengths and the wherewithal to recognize and overcome weaknesses.

Even if WW doesn't live up to expectations, which I doubt, the film will at least bring one more female superhero into collective conscience paving the road....
Feelin' that Gina/Ronin love, UnpluggedCrazy! ;-)

Yeah, past movies about women from the comics were all about looks (Sin City, yo) or who they hooked up with or even giving up their powers in order to hook up (Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix? Hook up with Wolverine -- and be happy when he agrees to kill her; Rogue? Hook up with -- and give up her powers for -- Iceman; Catwoman, ewww? Hookup with the Benjamin Bratt detective character and do good -- er, wasn't Catwoman always a thief and supervillain, yo?; and so on), not about being "super." OTOH, I did think Uma Thurman was great in Kill Bill, in a Summer Glau, she-really-worked-hard-to-do-all-her-own-stunts kind of way, BTW.

Well, okay, Wondy Gal's costume is certainly all about the cleavage, but that's just so she can have her arms free to fight, right? Seriously, WW's not just about looking pretty, and she's no Halle Berry (who, IMO, sucked in her performances as Catwoman AND as Storm -- kill two female comic icons, good job! /sarcasm).

Joss is THE person to write WW because he knows he has to write strong female characters as long as people are still asking him that question! ;-)
Here's a question - when was the last time anybody here saw a movie which made them respect men, which had an equality or power (or such) message/theme?

A movie that respected men? Hmmmm. Thinks.
Deuce Bigalow?
Here's a question - when was the last time anybody here saw a movie which made them respect men, which had an equality or power (or such) message/theme?

Glory Road
Summer Storm
Take the Lead
Kinky Boots

And that's just the movies that came out this year. And it's just among the ones I saw.
Female superhero movies are like the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin: a great idea, but designed to fail.
I don't think anyone has ever gone into one of these movies with the notion of making something seriously cool. Just to make some flashy eye candy. Maybe if Tim Burton had done "Catwoman" (Which wasn't THAT bad, people--think about's "Catwoman" for cryin' out loud. What were you expecting? "Sophie's Choice"? That costume was hella cool, though. If I had a body like that, I'd wear that outfit to the supermarket. Claws and all. But I digress.) maybe it would have been better. Who knows?
All I know is, I hope--unlike with the BTVS movie--they leave Joss and his script alone and let the movie be the way the creators want it. Not the bean-counting suits.
The main problem is that males make the majority of decisions in Hollywood, and when it comes to women on the I need to go on? But knowing Joss's opinions, beliefs and thoughts about this, maybe we'll finally get a really, really good super woman film. With a heroine that's not just kick ass beautiful (or ass-kicking and beautiful), but everything that women are.
That's my humble opinion. And I'm stickin' with it.
; )

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