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June 25 2006

How to get Sarah Michelle Gellar to endorse your comic book. It's simple really, you ask her at dinner. Hugh Sterbakov, co-creator of the Freshmen comic book (Seth Green being the other co-creator), reveals the story behind Sarah's funny "If I ever were to read a comic book, it might be this one" quote.

I thought it was interesting that Hugh Sterbakov was a big fan of Joss's even before Buffy and that he helped to convince Seth to take the role of Oz.
This was rare for me in that I picked up the trade solely on the basis of reading an interview with the creators that was linked here a while back. Got to say I wasn't disappointed in any way. Very cool, quirky story with great art (i'll miss the first artist, hope they get someone as good) and i'll definitely be looking at the second series.

(actually, I take that back, my one tiny disappointment was the removal of the sarky quotes that appeared on the covers. As usual with trades they included the original covers sans text and I wish they'd left just the quotes on or printed them underneath)
This is OT, but I noticed that British people call a 'season' a 'series'. My question is, what do they call a television 'series' (as in the entire thing, all 7 seasons of Buffy for example)?
mikejer, we call both individual seasons and the entire series eg. 7 seasons of Buffy, a series.
Car hoods are called bonnets and trucks are called lorries. Fries are chips and chips are crisps. So if seasons are series, then series are 'recurries.' Oh, and re-heated curry is also called 'recurry', but that's just a homonym. I won't tell you what to call curry when it re-appears with one two many pints of Marsten's.

Life would be easier if they would just speak English like the rest of us.

--- [edit] ---

OK, if my upside-down commas weren't enough of a hint, I'll confess I made up that recurries bit. In actuality, I don't believe there IS a word for all of a telly show series in toto - apart from the show's title that is. But if you must use a word, please try 'recurries'. I'd like to leave this world having contributed something.

[ edited by napua on 2006-06-26 01:39 ]
Thanks for the answer. I was always wondering about that. I don't care what we call it, I just enjoy there being a term for both meanings. ;)
Dont forget--a cigarette is a fag, an elevator is a lift, and they drive on the left hand side of the road.

BTW, Im gonna share a bit of trivia. Why do the British drive on the left side of the road? Because during medieval times, most people were right handed and jousted that just carried over to cars from horses.

Here ends the pointless post...uh enjoy?
Always love to see SMG's name in print. That is all.
and they drive on the left hand side of the road

Which we confusingly refer to as the 'right side' while muttering under our breath about 'bloody colonials' ;-).

(it may surprise some to hear that something like a quarter of the world drives on the left including India, Australasia and some parts of Africa i.e. some former British colonies and that it was, apparently, more to do with swords and right-handedness which is why Japan also drives on the left despite not being a big jousting nation ;)
This thread has got so off topic I'd direct you to but I don't think it exists.

Back to the topic of the Freshmen methinks.
I believe that this is the time for gossi to step in with his website magic.
I'm pleased that the comic lived up to its hype and that there is going to be more. The success seems well deserved.
I'd be happy to ask her to dinner, even though I don't have a comic book to hawk. Anybody know her number?
Usually I take every opportunity to say, "Hi, Sarah! Call me?" but it never seems to work. Maybe I'll start my own title just to have a chance.

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