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June 26 2006

Got Garlic? A review of the new Blade series compares it unfavorably to BtVS as a movie adaptation. Like the Blade movies, only worse, says Matt Roush.

Well, other than vampire ash being sold on the street as a designer drug, it sounds utterly boring.

I'll give it one chance.
To boldly go where Crow: Stairway to Cancellation has gone before.
You said it, Ocular.
I have my DVR set to record the Blade series. I like to give new shows a 3 episode trial period to give me some time to let the characters grow on me/get to know them a bit better. I very much disliked the first episode of the new Dr. Who (though i grew up on the old series in the late 70's and as a small child the Daleks were my ultimate boogie man) but after forcing myself to watch 3 weeks in a row, my indifference turned to love (not sure how that's going to play out with the new Doctor for season 2). Ditto with Scrubs - except I absolutely HATED the first episode I watched of that - now it's my favorite sitcom ever. How I Met Your Mother was one I had to put alot of effort into enjoying, almost an entire season's worth, but it's worked out ok in the long run. It still doesn't make me laugh, ever, but it's charming, and with Alyson in the cast, charming is good enough for me.
Why would they do that? Are they really running out of ideas?? The first blade was the best one than after that it went downhill bigtime. I wish that these networks would stop looking at figures and start focusing on the content.

One can dream... Bring Whedonverse baaaacccccckkkkkkk................

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2006-06-26 18:20 ] - Please use capitalization; also, there is no need for a line break every four words post got deleted or lost or something ....anyway...I said that Spike TV should have just went with the SPIKE series or movie. That would have been good.
I did like the first Blade movie and Wesley Snipes in the part, but then the sequel was not much to be remembered. I prefer my vamps with personality!!!!!
Amen, kathylovesspike, amen!
" post got deleted or lost or something ....anyway...I said that Spike TV should have just went with the SPIKE series or movie. That would have been good.
I did like the first Blade movie and Wesley Snipes in the part, but then the sequel was not much to be remembered. I prefer my vamps with personality!!!!! "

There have been times when I thought I posted something, but then realized that I had neglected to hit "post" rather than "preview". Of course that is me in rushing mode.

I agree about doing a Spike series rather than slapping something on the screen that has no staying power. I guess these networks figure that they don't want annother network's leftovers. Also Spike TV is suppose to be a network geared to men, so they might think that something from the Buffyverse would not be for them. ...Then again it does seem appropriate, a Spike series on Spike TV.
I wondered if I did that addled mind often does forget to hit post...but I remember I had to fix a few errors so I think I did hit the final post, but whatever....
I know that Spike TV wants to attract the guys, but hell...Spike can mix it up with the best of his snark should appeal to any guy. Not to mention ...they throw in some sexy bimbos and of course some hot babes for Spike (just in the interim til Buffy finds out he's back) and hell...what else can a guy or a gal want? Action, Romance, Comedy, and James me it's a no brainer!!!!!!
I remember when the first Blade came out and, lover of the spooky that I am, I dragged the hubby and his brother to see it with me ala big screen. I don't know if I have ever been so disappointed in a movie. But, hey, I hated Austin Powers the first time too, so we gave it another shot last year --- rented all three movies --- thinking maybe there was something to it all, but I was in the wrong brain-place to appreciate it the first go 'round. Oh, my. I wept in horror when they killed off the only interesting character (Kristofferson's) and wept again when they brought him back (whywhywhy?) and once more in relief when they finally put him out of our misery. At least at home we could Peanut Gallery to our hearts' content.

Blade the TV Series? *shiver*

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The first movie was brilliant until the ending which was just bad. Plain awful bad. The sequels suffered from the law of dimishing returns rather spectacularly. And that red top that Blade wore in the third movie made him look ridiculous.
You mean the blood CGI stuff, simon? That cgi really hasn't aged well.(I have it on DVD). I still haven't seen the 3rd movie. Don't think my brain could survive.

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1st: I liked the Blade movies. Especially the first one. No, it's not Lord o' the Rings, but I wasn't expecting that. It was BLADE, starring Wesley Snipes AND N'Bushe Wright, and I'm all about seeing brothas and sistahs in genre films. (Well, N'Bushe not being in the 2nd and 3rd movies kinda pun intended. But still...)
2nd: Perhaps this reviewer doesn't's SPIKE TV, fer cri'sakes. It's not HBO. It's SPIKE. Check out their website and it'll tell you all you need to know about this network. Their motto should be: "It's all about the cheesy. MAN LAW!"
3rd: I'm gonna watch. Why? Because it's BLADE, muthaf*****!!!

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Don't look for much character development in this Wednesday's pilot. Pilots (rightly or wrongly) are typically paced like films in order to impress as quickly as possible. It's my understanding that the producers of the Blade films are very involved with the series. But it may take a few episodes to determine whether or not Blade the Series has a writing team that can also capture the subtlety of character needed to sustain a TV series.

It's a 13 episode summer series... what else are you going to watch?
I am going to give it a try as well. I love Wesley Snipes as Blade. Loved the first movie too. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
Aww, come on, the best thing about the "Blade" movies, other than Whistler, was Deacon Frost, played by Stephan Dorff in the first movie. He was perhaps one of the coolest vampires I've ever seen in a movie and a SLICK villain. He wasn't your typical vampire overlord, he was more of a technopunk upstart who had the brains to carry out where his norg was going.

Okay, I do have to admit that Ryan Renyolds as Hannabal King, even though NOTHING like the comic version, was pretty lickable. Especialy where he showed where his tattoo was. YUM.
Yeah, Elf, I hear you on the Ryan Renyolds thing. I didn't veto my fiance's decision to buy Blade 3 and complete our collection even though it's quite a silly movie.

I saw an extended promo for the Blade series before some movie I rented last week. The production on the series looks so low-quality I wonder if they made it look that unfinished and rough on purpose. It reminded me a little of the first season of Buffy when it was shot on 16... but much, much worse.

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