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June 26 2006

Cool Refreshing Zima is back with a new podcast. Three High School Girls take on the Buffyverse and give their opinion on Buffy Season 4. Plus a brief thank you for being mentioned here in April . Download the Mp3, here . You'll either love it or hate it.

lol, its really just girl talk. 'Spike is like so hot, and Riley is such an idiot. He's ignorant.' I don't know, its just analyzing the obvious that doesn't really need any explaining unless your eyes and ears fell off. Goes off topics sometimes, but sometimes I prefer that over a scripted podcast.
love these girls. and yes, it probably is just girl talk, but sometimes (like the label implies) that can be refreshing, especially when the girls are as into their subject as these three are.
Come back Candy & Kitty!

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