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June 26 2006

Aly and Alexis on holiday in Capri. People's "Star Tracks" features a cute photo of the vacationing Hannigan and Denisof (check out the hair!).

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2006-06-26 17:21 ]

I updated the link as it had moved. Imagine my surprise when you said check out the hair and it popped up a pic of Mary J. Blige. I was a little surprised at Alexis' new look to say the least :) -Z.

Alexis hair looks...humm, I he kind of looks a tad like Alex James from Blur now:-)
AWWWW! very cute.
Just sent that to a former girlfriend who is in love with Wesley...she's going to kill me!

Very nice photo!
I'm almost finished building one of those Mayor Wilkin's body-switching devices. Now just gotta get close enough to shake Alexis' hand...
Rawr! That would look irredeemably silly on a lesser man, but Alexis can make about anything hot. Or I'm crazy, you decide.
He's looking very male model, it's wonderful.
Thanks, zeitgeist -- I just noticed that the link had changed and was coming back to edit, but you already took care of it :) People often adds photos later in the day and I guess they bump the links in the process.

(aaaaaaand it just moved again, so I updated it)

[ edited by chasa on 2006-06-26 17:44 ]
Truly adorable. This couple never ceases to make me smile. It is such a sweet reminder of how Buffy has brought so many people together :)
They both look very cute and relaxed, but now I'm wondering if he is growning his hair out for a role, or if he is just too lazy to go to the barber.
Embers - maybe just still grown out for the HIMYM role's newscaster-helmet-of-hair?
It looks more like the kind of hair an Italian racer would have under the helmet. He looks dashing, no doubt about that
They both look about 16 to me. Between the glasses and the hair and the "Let's go riding in my new convertible" look to them, they seem very very young.
Alexis has long hair! Could he be any hotter? Wow.
A man of many hairstyles! ;-)
OMG. Aly is SO adorable! If these two can keep that wonderful charm between them, they're set for life. What a beautiful marriage. :D
He sort of reminds me of one of a British rocker. Perhaps he moonlights as part of an Oasis cover band?
Oh my god, I can't stop laughing. The hair is so ridiculous. Not in a bad. Just ... can't stop laughing.

They are indeed adorable together, although there's something off about how Aly's smiling. If Denisof doesn't mind that his wife is a much bigger star than him (which seems like the kind of thing that breaks up a lot of celebrity marriages), I could see them being very happy together for quite a while.

I'm still laughing at his hair though.
Alexis, the 80's called. They want their hairstyle back.
3 cheers for "Vacation Hair"!
Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!!!
(Cute couple. *sigh*)
Capri, what a beautiful island. I went there on a high school trip to Europe for a day trip and I've never been to a more beautiful place in my life. Oh to be Aly.... beautiful island, beautiful guy.
I dunno; Aly looks just different to me in some unfathomable way, and not just that her hair is brunette and not red. She looks as though she has gained some weight, and I do not say this as a person who favors skinny people, just as a comment. Maybe it is just that she is finally looking more her age than 10 years under her age. But cute, oh yes.

"Steff can't believe that Blane is asking that weird Andie chick to prom. Good thing he has the new shades and the new wheels to make him forget about Blaine's embarassing slumming."
Alexis would look good in any haircut. Ditto Ally. They really are a beautiful couple. Hope they're enjoying the vacation as much as it appears they are!
I like the hair. A far cry from Wesley's groomed "do" but he makes it work. He looks more relaxed and they just look so happy and comfortable. How often does a Hollywood couple look so real?
Ooh, like the hair. And Aly looks adorable in those sunglasses.

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