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June 27 2006

Cherub season 2 trailer. The hilarious Angel parody returns (now with added Edmond the Squeaky).

Oh, how I love Cherub. And people impersonating characters. And Wallow.
Please, someone, refresh my memory. Is this the one that's filmed in Seattle? Or am I confusing it with something else? I'm enjoying what I've seen of it!
Looks great, hope it's as good as season 1, definitley looks like it will be.
I *love* this webcast, and have also been thoroughly enjoying the extras that they've been rolling out since the first season ended. Fantastic stuff. Only one complaint, however: the episodes are way too short! They are so good I want more!
I love the first season, I hope the second one will as funny as the first
a) Yes, this is the one that's filmed in Seattle.

b) We got the "way too short" feedback a lot last season, so we've made the episodes longer this time. Instead of aiming for 4-7 minutes each, we aimed for 7-10 minutes each this time.

Thanks for all your enthusiasm. :)
Scotto, kudos for these hilarious "episodes!! And thanks for the info, too. My hometown seriously rocks!

More! More!

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