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June 27 2006

EW names BtVS as one of the Best TV Shows based on a Movie. Additionally they also include the show Parenthood in which Joss Whedon was also a writer as another good show from a movie.

Nice photo to acompany the article.
From the idea that the series rocked to the actors highlighted...nothing to disagree with here.
Hands down to the all mighty that is Joss! BtVS will always be the best in my book. I'm glad to have seen it since the very first time :)
I was very happy to see this when I got my issue in the mail Friday. :-D

And, damn it, I was trying to post this earlier but couldn't find it anywhere on the EW site!
I feel like a dork for half expecting to see Highlander on that list. But silly me, how could I forget about Topper.
Although my own personal tastes would also put Highlander on the best list, I have to say, I loved Topper. I used to watch it in reruns as a kid and it was one of my favorite shows. I rmember being rather disappointed in the movie when I saw it years later.

The one thing I do not agree with in the Buffy love however, is that they did not go quite far enough. I think James Marsters should have been on the should have won an Emmy list. Otherwise, right there with them.
Wow. I just clicked on the All About Buffy link under the article and spent way too much time on a rather lovely Buffy nostalgia trip.

There are some great articles there. An especially enjoyable interview with Brendon. Marti Noxon actually saying that Ripper was delayed because of Firefly, and just a whole bunch of other stuff I never knew.

I have to say though that not including James Marsters on the "should have got an emmy list" is as big a faux pas to me as OMWF not getting an emmy nomination.
There was an Uncle Buck TV show? Wow I never knew and I love that movie (John Candy = one of my favourite on-screen performers).
EW missed a big one in the "worst" category: Casablanca. Not one, but TWO failed TV spinoffs, one in 1955 and the second in 1983 (starring a post-"Starsky & Hutch" David Soul).
Only the Core Four for Emmies? I don't think so!
The core four plus David Boreanaz, for his portrayal of Angelus alone, would have been my choices for emmy's.
Juliet was also amazing but if I could only vote for one....SMG. Hands down.
Simon, I, too, was surprised by the Buck thing. I also love UB; my husband and I pull out lines from that movie at least once a week.

My big disagreement is with the comment about the original Parenthood being mediocre. I think that's a brilliant family movie, and I am NOT a supporter of Opie Cunningham's work. In fact, Parenthood is the only movie of his I think works at all.
I feel really out of the loop but I had no idea about Joss' connection to Parenthood. Never saw the movie or the show. Is there some kind of all-inclusive list somewhere of stuff Joss has done? Just curious.

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