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June 27 2006

Happy Birthday to the Tiny Texan! Christian Kane turns 32 today.

He's not a really a Texan, he's an Okie.
Well, he was born in Texas, so that's good enough for me, or rather, for the reference.

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Happy Birthday Christian!
5'10" is tiny now?! Was he trying out for the NBA or something?
He's a day younger than me!

Many happy returns, and many more.
5'10" is tiny now?! Was he trying out for the NBA or something?

5'10?! I always question IMDB stats. When I had my pic taken with him, he was maybe 3-4 inches taller than me, no way 7!(I'm 5'3)

But anyway, it was a just a reference to what Angel called Lindsey...
I don't think Angel was talking about his *height*, Rogue Slayer! ;-)

Just teasin'- Happy birthday, Chris! *mwah*
Echoing Rogue Slayer on the height friend in Munich who saw him play a few weeks ago sent a picture of the two of them...she's about 5'3", and he was only a few inches taller than her.

She said the gig was fantastic, too.
Hey us short guys have a lot more to offer in that area that some people think. Can I say that here? LOL.
Happy birthday Christian!
Happy Birthday Christian! Me and my girl Casey love you;)
Happy Birthday, Christian!
Happy Birthday Christian! I hope you and your best friend David Boreanaz are out celebrating. You are both great guys. I hope to see you on DB's show "Bones" in the future. I'd love seeing the two of you act together again.
Happy birthday Chris!
Happy Birthday, Christian! Loved you on Angel & miss you and the rest of the gang. Many happy returns of the day. And I, too, hope you show up on DB's show "Bones."

Aloha nui loa!
Happy Birthday Christian! :D

Hope you had a great day!

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