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June 27 2006

MWC reviews the Deluxe Hawaiian Angel and Spike action figures due in stores soon, in detail and with excellent photos.

Spike has no neck! How odd. He rather looks like a cartoon character who has been hit so hard on the head that it has been pushed down onto his torso.
He doesn't quite have no neck, but your analogy of the cartoon character head hit is spot on.
I think that once they put the figures side by side, they realized Spike should be shorter than Angel, so they just gave him a quick tap on the head with a hammer. Problem solved!
I think the problem is Spike's shirt. At Wizard World it looked like the shirt was a separate piece snapped on the figure. Angel's shirt seems apart of the sculpt. In the close ups of Spike, the neck is there, it's just hidden underneath the large hawaiian shirt. Either case, I'm buying them. I can't say no to Spike in a hawaiian shirt.
Here's what the Spike at Wizard World looked like with no shirt. So, if you want an exclusive tank top Spike, you could just buy an extra figure and slice off the Hawaiian shirt...
Unless my memory is slipping, wasn't Spike wearing shorts, rather than full-length jeans, when he was wearing the Hawaiian shirt?
Unless my memory is slipping, wasn't Spike wearing shorts, rather than full-length jeans, when he was wearing the Hawaiian shirt?

Yup. He wore blue jeans at the end of that episode, but with his standard black shirt.

The shorts with the hawaiian shirt and Docs were classic...
Right, when he wanted go kick some demon ass!

I loved the bit where James, an American playing an Englishman, pretends to be an American, with a horribly fake American accent!
My memory is slipping since a horrible financial situation forced me to sell my DVDs. Is the Spike hawaiian shirt thing from that season 4 episode when he first realized he could fight demons?
Actually, by the time of the battle on the Hellmouth and the "I'm a friend of Xanderrrr's herrre," Spike was wearing the Hawaiian shirt with blue jeans, just like the action figure, so it's fairly accurate.
Hmm, he either changed pants on his way to the school, or the wardrobe folks made a goof!
You beat me to it deanna b, and yes, tycho.
I didn't remember the jeans...definitely sounds like a wardrobe malf...uh, goof.

The shorts and shirt outfit was hilarious.
I predict mad usage of the "hawaiian shirts" tag.
That's my hope. I haven't spawned a meme in months.

(And nice catch with the shirtless pic, Deanna.)
I think they both look rather silly.
"I think they both look rather silly."

And in that regard they achieved what they should have. Because they both looked extremely silly, as they were meant to, on the show.

DB's performance was very LOL silly as well.
Loved it.

I ordered a Spike and Angel set from BCB Comics a long time ago but I can't remember if it was this one or the Destiny one. BCB is cheap as heck but rather slow. So I may not know for quite a while.

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