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June 27 2006

Serenity on Cinemax. Lookee what I found when I checked HBO's site this afternoon.... "Serenity" starts on Cinemax on July 22.

"Serenity" starts on Cinemax on July 22, at 10:00 P.M. for the East feed and 1:00 A.M. for the West. Kinda disappointing that it isn't an earlier timeslot, and very disappointing that it's Cinemax and not HBO! I was hoping for it to be one of HBO's big Saturday night premieres.

So, typically speaking, do movies get Special Edition DVDs before or after they appear on pay cable?

(Just, you know, trying to see if there's still a chance, or if we're now headed firmly into the "unlikely" realm.)
Usually if they premier on Cinemax first, they appear on HBO about 2 months later as one of their Saturday premieres.

As for special editions, I've usually noticed they come out about a year after, if at all, or if there's a tie-in that gives them a reason to do it.
Yeah. But it could be five years, who knows. I doubt it will be a huge 4-disc-LOTR type offering, but ruling out a special edition after only a year is premature, I think. Less likely, to be sure, but not totally impossible.
How many special editions of Blade Runner are there now, so many years (heck, decades) after its initial release? Exactly.
10:00 pm is when they do all their premieres. It'll be on HBO eventually. I once saw Elektra on HBO and Cinemax within a month of each other.

I'm still waiting for special editions of The Truman show, Dumb and Dumber, both Ace Venturas, Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2, The Rules of Attraction, etc.

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This might be slightly off topic, but The Rules of Attraction really screws me up. Both the book and the movie. Every time I watch the movie I get depressed for a while afterwards (consequently I don't watch the movie very often at all, which is a shame because it is so well made...).
This is fantastic news! Hopefully I'll start seeing Cinemax commercials featuring our dear crew.

And, eddy, they actually released a special edition DVD of The Truman Show last year.
Sometimes HBO and Cinemax advertise a "double-bill" premiere, for example, on July 8th (I think that's the date), HBO will premiere 40-Year-Old Virgin at 8pm, then Cinemax premieres Wedding Crashers at 10pm. They're advertising the "double-bill" on all the HBO channels (and, yes, then the Cinemax premieres play on HBO a few weeks later -- I think I, Robot also premiered on Cinemax, then I saw it on HBO like a hundred times). So, is Serenity paired with anything on HBO that night?

UnpluggedCrazy, we don't have Cinemax at our house, so I'm counting on you to keep us all informed, bro! ;-)
This morning I noticed that Serenity is on Sky Movies channels 714 and 715 in the UK.
At the very least we could get the Aussie special features. (I've seen them once and they're great. Alas if I had a multi-region player and the ability to convert from PAL...)

And then decent cover-art.

Oh, and a cast commentary.

And also the River sessions put together (even as an easter egg!)

...ok now I'm wishlisting. But seriously, these things wouldn't be too hard, only the cast-commentary isn't already done, and Joss said he wanted to do one but they didn't have time for the original DVD release.
It seems I was a bit misunderstood in my previous statement -- I was referring to the fact that it takes at least a year for special editions to come out. Not that if it doesn't come out in a year, it won't come out. Having worked in entertainment retail for years, there are patterns you notice to these things. LOL
"War of the Worlds" premieres on HBO at 8:00 on July 22, and it's running on Cinemax channels now, so yes, this does seem to fit the pattern. And, hmmmm, getting promotion for "Serenity" around WOTW wouldn't be a bad thing at all....

Looks like it'll also be available on Max OnDemand starting then too, so if you have digital cable and subscribe to Cinemax, you can start it up anytime.
And, FWIW, bringing up an old thread, the USA Network will host the first ad-supported broadcast of Serenity in 2008.

Mmmmm.... commercials!
Eddy....Dumb and Dumber already has a special edition, with deleted scenes, and some extended scenes in the actual movie. They put more into the hot tub scene at the motel, for instance. Hilarious.

And the Ace Venturas have special editions coming out very very soon, if they're not out already.

ETA: September. :-)

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This morning I noticed that Serenity is on Sky Movies channels 714 and 715 in the UK.

And also available on demand at NTL's FilmFlex channel.
I wonder if USA will do a TNT and broadcast it 3 nights in a row...
It might be interesting to see what kind of advertising HBO/Cinemax do for Serenity. I do not have them. Do they usually use the regular trailer, or do they do something else?
So I stand corrected! I swear I did a search on to make sure I wasn't wrong. :)

newcj, from the months I had HBO and Cinemax this year, I think they make their own trailers(or its supplied by the studio. either way, its not the same one.)

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Y'know, I'd be a little ticked that it's not premiering on HBO because we're not getting an HD version, then I recall that I have the HD-DVD. Ah, beautiful.
newcj, HBO definitely makes their own commercials, showing a group of movies together, or, for the double-bills (and, if Serenity's on a double-bill with WOTW, sweet! because of the attention it will get), showing just the 2 movies in the double.

The double-bill commercials are full of extra goodness because they look for shots or clips from each movie that are similar and run them side by side or one after another, like for the 40-Year-old Virgin/Wedding Crashers double-bill, they have a clip from each film with a character saying "You're a virgin," lol.

Snap, could we see NF clips next to or following TC clips? Our Captain would blow away Li'l Tom -- not that there's anything wrong with Tom Cruise or his scary, scary friends! ;-)
Actually, this is not a double-post, it's a new subject. When you download the PDF of the July HBO/Cinemax schedule, there's a shiny, shiny big picture of the Serenity poster in the "Cinemax Saturday Premieres" section, along with a description of the film. Maybe that will catch the attention of Serenifly virgins when they're planning their July TV viewing? Well, at least it can't hurt! ;-)
billz...well, I don't have Cinemax either (another way in which we are inexorably linked to twinness!), but on HBO On Demand, they often play Cinemax commercials.

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