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June 27 2006

Nick Brendon in a Play. It's about Alice in Wonderland, he doesn't have the title role.

Nick Brendon to be in a play called "Lobster Alice", July 25 - Sept 3, 2006, in Hollywood, at the Blank Theater. Actually, his role will be played by someone else on Sept 1-3 because NB will be at DragonCon.

Oh, and it also stars Dorie Barton - who had that memorable role as the medium in 'Hell Bound'
Ooh! Yay, Nick!
I checked the website, and the play has an interesting story about Dali hoping to make his cartoon, "Destino" with Disney. But if it centers around his friendship with an animator working on "Alice in Wonderland", maybe it will suggest there was a little bit of Dali in that movie. It should be interesting.
This is the same theatre company where Tom Lenk was in The Book of Liz last summer. I think there are other Whedonverse connections, but can't remember right now. I think SMG even used to be on the board, but not 100% sure of that.
Is this also the company James Marsters did a show with some years ago? I seem to remember something about Noah Wylie...
Is anyone planning to go?
If people from here were going, I'd love to do some sort of review thread for Nick's play.
Noah Wyle played Dr. John Carter on ER. I adore him. I'd sure go if I uh, lived nearby. Glad to see Nick Brendon is into something that sounds pretty cool. Hmmm, this makes me want to check the status of SMG's Alice project, which sounded especially cool...
EdD and I are thinking of going...doesn't really look like our thing, but you never know.
It says at the bottom of the page that Loni Peristere is the Chairman of the Board of the theater group, and Noah Wylie is the artistic director.
Whenever time and discretionary income allow (which, sadly, is not all that often!), I try to go to some of the great theater in Los Angeles. (Last treat: astounding production of "All My Sons;" 4th of July holiday week treat: "Without Walls" with Laurence Fishburne...yes, I'm just a little looking forward to it!) We may not be New York in terms of number or size of productions, but we still do damn well! (end "Los Angeles tourism PSA")

I did see the Blank Theater's "The Book of Liz" many months ago on the strength of reading that Amy and David Sedaris wrote it and Ann Magnuson was starring; I had no idea of all the "six degrees of Whedon" connections it had. It was great, absolutely hysterical! I thought they were an excellent theater group, working in this tiny, tiny little theater on our "independent theater row." I am very hopeful I'll be able to go see this show, too. And if I do...I will be happy to give a review! :)
Ok, well I'll definitely be going at some point.
I live 10 minutes from the theatre, so I really don't have an excuse to miss it. I'll try to catch the show in August after my hols.

Here's a fairly positive review of the original production from 2000. And here's a bit of background about the playwright, Kira Obolensky (choice quote: "this is a woman who develops sudden passions and pursues them with enormous energy, whether they be anecdotal histories of American garages, five-hour plays, or pierogi").
Did you notice that Nick Brendon's part will be played by someone else for the last three days of the run (9/1-9/3) ? That's because he's supposed to be at Dragoncon in Atlanta on those days!
So,I won't be able to see the play...but I'll be able to ask him how he thought it went.

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I'd love to hear about it.

Can I just say that the post itself (he doesn't have the title role) made me laugh out loud? No? Ok.
Yeah, I lol-ed at that, too, giles etc.! ;-)

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