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June 28 2006

Registration open for the 2006 'Browncoat Ball.' The organizers promise that $150 will get you "three days of non-stop Browncoat fun, including two dinner/dance events, a boat tour of the bay, and a romp through Chinatown" in San Francisco this September.

[Edited to reflect RayHill's comment below]

You're kidding. I was just in SF! Arrrgh!
Aren't there a few 'events' going on in Sept? I know James on a Boat (as opposed to Snakes on a Plane, obviously) is in Sept, and weren't there a couple others? Busy month for fans!
This sounds like so much fun! I love San Francisco.
September is also another charity screening of Serenity in Arizona, which has been in the works since January, coincidentally around the same time the June swarm of screenings was proposed. I think there's a site for this coming shortly.
Hudson, the "early planning stages" bit was leftover from the old site. Thanks for catching that. It has been corrected now. We're much further along in the planning these days. Everything is moving full steam ahead!

Hope to see a lot of you at the ball!

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