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June 28 2006

Review of Christophe Beck's score for The Sentinel. Fans of the BtVS/AtS composer's work may be intrigued by this new release, which "often plays like a 'chillout' CD".

I wish they'd release his scores that he did for Buffy. I love what he did especially Close Your Eyes. There was tons of CDs released for Babylon, I can't see why Buffy can't get the same treatment.
I'm a big fan of his. Angel's hero theme and Close Your Eyes are incredible. 'Saved' could have been cheesy but his scores saved it.
Oh, I'm so overjoyed at the idea that he finally got to compose a serious movie. The guy deserves it. I only hope this is not the last we hear of him. He has the ear to do great things for film...

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