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June 28 2006

Can't Stop the Serenity Weekend Wrap-Up Article w/Equality Now Video. Wrap-up brief on the Can't Stop the Serenity benefit screenings, includes Joss Whedon's acceptance speech at Equality Now benefit.

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Still so much more wrap-up to come. $61k+ and counting. Not all screenings reported in. And still Auckland's screening this Friday.
I'd like to take another moment to recognize all of the hard work that b!x and all of the individual screening organizers put in to make this a reality. Great work and congratulations! You are indeed mighty :)
I second that emotion.
It really was a wonderful achievement: great fun for the fans, and raising both money and awareness for a great cause. I hope we can make this an annual event, because I think we'll be getting more new fans who have never seen the BDM on the big screen over the next year.
Thanks B!x and all the local organizers!
There is something I have forgotten to mention in any of my thank yous to the NYC organizers. The theater Friday night had the best sound of any of the theaters I had seen it in. I had thought that our BDM had pretty bad sound because I had not been able to understand a lot of the lines when I saw it in the Fall. (Hangs head in shame for thinking that Joss had put out a movie that was deficiant in sound quality.) Friday not only was I hearing every line, but the person I was with, who had never seen Serenity or Firefly, caught all the lines. (I know this because she surprised me by mentioning somethings that I had not expected her to catch on first viewing.)

So thank you not only for helping me introduce a newbie to the wonders of Joss, give to a good cause and have a fun evening, but also for helping me hear it as it should have been heard.
As long as this thread is here, I have a question: Did everyone get really pristine, crisp, clean prints of the film? I've been hearing tell (and it was true in Portland) that this was the case. I've sort of been assuming that Serenity's lackluster box office performance meant a good number of prints hadn't been through the wringer, and so those are the prints we saw this past weekend.
Yes! I was in an old theatre and I really doubt the equipment was topnotch but the picture and sound were excellent. Better than anytime in my previous 17 big screen outings. I thought it was just me, but the sound was wonderful and for the first time I saw the Alliance insignia in the electric barrier type thing that Dr. Mathias comes through when he enters the record room.
I'll second the comments re the print quality. I own the DVD, and I had seen Serenity on the big screen three times previously, but this print seemed markedly better. I thought I was crazy till I saw the other comments here.

OK, possibly still crazy, but not about this.
I know us Philly folk had a great time. I'm used to running big events, but never ones that involve selling and making money. So this was a good experience for me aside from all the fun.
My favorite part of ginny's first photo there is the lens flare. Lens flare! At a Serenity event! Good times.
But here we go again, dudes. Did you notice there's a link at the bottom of this "Can't Stop the Serenity" report to a story called "Rumor Mill: Priyanka Chopra as Wonder Woman"? That's bad enough, but then you go to that page, where it says -- and I repeat, COMPLETE LIE, DON'T QUOTE US -- that a Bollywood actress named Priyanka Chopra is "in negotiations" with some Jah Sweden guy (COMPLETELY FAKE!) to play WW, then that page links to her (wait for it) IMDB page, where her credits already list Wonder Woman!

So sick of this. Hey, IMDB -- no more casting rumors, mmm'kay? FFS, Joss just finished the first draft this weekend -- really, it's redonculous (heh, David Spade's show -- oh, wait, back to the rant). Er, okay, I'm done. /rant

ETA: I took out the link to that fake, fake, lying story -- let's not support it any further! -- and I emphasized even stronger this is a lie, and no one should quote us or believe this fake rumor!

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billz, as I have mentioned on another thread (that was deleted), there is a pretty big juvenile bollywood fan contingent on the imdb boards and one of them submitted this "rumor" to see if imdb would post it. I knew it would be everywhere within days. *sigh*
To say the opposite about the print quality, ours in Boston seemed a little dirty. It wasn't horrible, but there was definitely some wear. Still had a fantastic time... and this should not been seen as a criticism of the event, the organizers or anything like that!!!

And FYI, there is a theater in Hartford, CT, that's showing Serenity for two weekends.
Sorry, TamaraC, I missed that thread. I can see why it was taken down -- one just went up that should probably be deleted fast, too, before the Interweb people quote Whedonesque as a "source." I changed my original post a little to reflect your information.

Frakkin' IMDB. I totally agree with your *sigh*, TamaraC.

ETA: And now that new thread about this fake-lying-rumor is down, too. Our mods seriously rock, yo! :-)

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Congrats to all involved in the fundraising.

I really wanted to go to one of the UK screenings, but I have seven week old twins at the moment, so it wasn't going to happen. Maybe next year?

Also, *cough*LJ Icons*cough*
Thanks to all the people who filled in the lines when the audio cut out for about 5 seconds at the beginning of Serenity at the Arlington screening.

So, who wants to count in just how many ways this article is wrong?

Hint: They don't mention the June screenings were for charity. They say it's a movement to get a sequel. And they say that the Hartford screening, a regular one and not a charity one, is affiliated with those June screenings. Also, they say my CSTS website is where to go to find out about getting a sequel.

Any others?

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Well, bix, at least they spelled Whedon correctly. ;-)
Actually, our print had a couple of splices in it - one pretty noticeable, and one mostly noticeable to those of us who have seen the movie many, many times ;-)
Inspired by the Divine Goat's icons, I've transcribed the speech and introduction from the video; is it okay to put a link to it here?
Tote Board As Of June 28, 2006
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Good on all of you for supporting this and an even bigger good on you DivineGoat - what an awesome icon. And you just had twins? Can you type and breastfeed at the same time because I can't imagine you having the time to do all that!
Meanwhile, I forgot that due to time zones, Thursday here in Portland is Friday in New Zealand, which means the Auckland screening (the straggler and final screening) either has happened to is going to be happening. So, good luck, Auckland!

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Very cool icons - not sure how to snag a copy. Can anyone post a how to please?
Anybody besides me thought JW rocked in his speech? Not that I'm surprised by it, just wanted to mention it. I sat there smiling watching it: smart, funny, with the seriousness creeping up on you... very artfully and charmingly done.

It reminded me again why I'm a fan of his work.

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