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June 28 2006

(SPOILER) AICN's Herc reviews Spike TV Blade Series. Herc throws his 2 cents in on Blade Series with Buffy comparisons.

Herc is not happy, but does throw in a funny Spike jab.

I think most vampire shows from here on out are always going to be compared to Buffy and Angel. How often do you get that combination of humor, action, drama and comedy all in the same show?
I saw the words "Spike" & "TV" next to each other and got all exicted.

Then I realised it was about the Blade TV show, which I will give a chance to, but I'm not holding out much hope.
The preview for the show is horrible...
Yep. That's what I thought. The movies were horrible; I didn't have much hope for tv. Glad I missed it.
Buffy=white, So. Cal Valley Girl, vampire slayer
Blade=black man, city-dweller, actual vampire and slayer of bad vampires
Two COMPLETELY different worlds on oh so many levels.
The only thing these two have in common is that both slay vampires. Period.
Why do people insist on comparing the two?
Why do people insist on comparing the two?

Because Buffy is an example of a good vampire show -- I would say Buffy is becoming the example good vampire show. It's an easy shortcut for "everything that is good on TV" when you need something to compare truly awful TV against.
Once upon a time there were 2 Completely Superior shows dealing with vampires. Buffy and Angel. Nothing came close. Period. To compare any show to either Angel or, especially, Buffy, is a waste of time because no show can hope to reach the so many levels of excellence accomplished by the Great Joss and his merry band of writers. Reviewers - Listen Up. Make a new type of review and call it "Another Feeble Attempt". The genre has already been cornered and mastered by the BEST. I've seen the Blade preview and I'll pass on it for sure. Now about the Spike movie.....
This review is brutal! How could he go from the great Batman Begins to THIS?!
Actually David Goyer wrote Batman Begins with Christopher Nolan, who technically had last say over what got shot since he was the director. Goyer was the man that gave us Blade Trinity....ouch.

I tried very had to watch it. It's really painful.

Lisa Lassek is the editor for Blade the Series. (she edited, Serenity, Firefly, Buffy, Angel)
One of the writers is David Simpkins who was brought on to run Angel in the fourth season but left after just a few weeks.
As I said before...if Spike TV had just done a SPIKE series or movie...maybe....just would have done a LOT better than Blade is faring.
Oh lose!
David Goyer has been on my shit list since he ruined what was good about Blade in the Trinity movie. He got no props for me for Batman Begins. I leave that all to the director.
While I thought Blade: Trinity sucked, I will say that I was having fun whenever Ryan Reynolds character was on screen. But how much of that is Goyer and how much of that is Reynolds being awesome? I tend to think Goyer just let Reynolds do whatever he wanted to do...
It really was indeed painful. By the end you realize how much of the "Buffy & Angel" story they borrowed, just switching genders which defeats the whole point of "Buffy" of course. You can tell it will barely last one season, they will try to have the two fall in love but can't, betrayal, etc. With no equal to the scooby gang, for me it will be why watch at all. It seems to have been made for the little boys with guts and violence everywhere.

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Blade: Trinity did suck. The few reviews I had read ripped the TV show to bit. So I did not know what to expect. But I quite liked it. While it does not come close to Whedonverse It still was a quite good Vampire show. As a comicbook geek I found the Moon Knight reference cool.

But there was somem things borrowed from Buffy. The blond female vampire looked ALOT like Drusilla/Juliette Landau. A whole lot.

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