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June 28 2006

(SPOILER) Director talks about Southland Tales, SMG mention. In related news, the first prequel graphic novel hit stores June 28, and if you're in the L.A. area or willing to travel, you can have Richard Kelly sign your copy on July 6. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, Southland Tales has been picked up by Sony Pictures for a US release.

I think this should have a spoiler tag as there is some spoilers for the movie in it
Done. I'm sorry if you saw something you didn't want to see.
No problem.I'm a bit of a spoiler whore anyway but I know some people don't even like the smallest of spoilers.
Looking forward to this one. No matter how good it may or may not be, it's going to be an interesting ride.

Oh yeah, and SMG.
IT's official, Sony has picked up the movie for domestic US release according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Thanks, Simon. You beat everybody on with a legit news source for that. If I may return a favor, do get this book. I'm pretty new to comics and have taken most of my recommendations off of here and .org, and I haven't been steered wrong. I've liked the Sandman books best and have the whole set and have frequently gone back to them, but not like I've had Two Roads Diverge nearby all day, and kept picking it up and looking through it again. I think it's really brilliant.
I love my legit news sources. Variety and Hollywood Reporter are my required breakfast reading material. Anyhow, I added the news to your subject line as I'm sure people will be interested and glad to hear that the movie got picked up.
I'm really happy this is getting released as Kelly sees fit. Whether it's great or just a great mess it sounds interesting and it's about time we had some thinking sci-fi on our screens again (it constantly amazes me that a genre that asks so many of the big questions in so many different ways tends to spawn films which ask none and the same way every time).

Should be picking the graphic novel up this week (assuming it's out in the UK too) since I liked the look of the previews and maybe the writing will give some idea if the Cannes reporters can tell their arse from their elbow.
The release of the book is world-wide but apparently spotty. There's a guy who called every comic store in Philadelphia with no luck. I just had to walk a few blocks, but that's the beauty of L.A. It seems to be selling out quickly here. isn't promising it until mid to late July.
Seems it's out next week in this country. According to Forbidden Planet anyway.

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