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June 29 2006

Summer Glau Gets Fugged. Summer Glau, at what appears to be the Who Killed The Electric Car? opening. The answer being obvious: her dress. Her dress killed the electric car.

Go Fug Yourself is daily viewing for me, but I've never seen any of my BDHs get fugged. Some of the best snark on the web, but only to those who really seem to deserve it. And Summer, gorgeous as she looks otherwise, deserves it. That dress is unfortunate. Sometimes you wear the dress, but sometimes the dress wears you.

I was too busy looking at her beautiful face to notice the dress.

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Oh! It's the thing below her shoulders. Does that help?
Don't listen, SpikeBad, keep looking up. You don't want to see the dress, really :)
Hey, they spelled her name right... as the old saying goes, all press is good press.

No one would mistake me for a style goddess, so for me this just makes Summer more lovable. One year, I dressed up as a Glamour Fashion Don't for Halloween, and no one got it. Crickets... nobody gets me :-)

I really don't see anything wrong with that dress. Certainly beats 90% of all Oscar dresses. Plus, it has Summer in it. Which is not the point of the discussion, but always worth pointing out. Summer.


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I think she looks great in it, and I kind of like unusual, artistic clothing. Good for her for not dressing like a sheep!
I think the article only makes it clear that the writer doesn't have the youthful fun outlook that she has. She looks absolutely beautiful, and dressed appropriately for a Summer's day in California.
Good for her for not dressing like a sheep!

Especially since Kaylee already did that.
Especially since Kaylee already did that.

LOL! I think that was Bo Peep, not the sheep.
That reminds me of that one time when b!x dressed up as a beagle and snuck into the cargo hold. Neither Ben nor Glory shall appear in this pos-- oh, drat!
Sheep. On its hind legs. Mal said so, so it must be true.

On edit, to zeit: What, false b!Xes aren't enough, now there are black market b!Xes, too?

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2006-06-29 20:47 ]
I admit, the dress is kind of fugly, but I like it. Like Telltale mentioned, way better than a lot of Oscar wonder how some of those peeps wear those outfits all evening long, where one wrong move or popped pin or snap and you're bearing all and sundry to the world (if the dress didn't already show it all off). The extremes are always amazing to me, either a dress that's not really there or outfits that look like they were built around the person with no way to remove it, move or even give them the ability to sit down. I think Summer looks pretty nifty in that shot, a little funky without being too wacky.

I think what I like best about the look is she's a skinny little girl, but pulls that small dress off without looking like a poster child for anorexia (I've seen at least one other Whedonesque female looking too thin in a publicity shot or two, not a good look).

[ edited by Grace on 2006-06-29 20:57 ]
I had a feeling the Ben/Glory dichotomy was going to rear it's ugly-yet-fashionable head.
On edit, to zeit: What, false b!Xes aren't enough, now there are black market b!Xes, too?

Oh, I know! Say it ain't so, right? Alas... ;)

p.s. - vaguely on-topic is the fugging of Lynda Carter further down the page if anyone missed it. And, no, that doesn't mean we can have the 15th posting of the "Priyanka Chopra to Play Wonder Woman?!?! OMGZ!" thread :)

ETA - whoa! Just realized Lynda did some voices for Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. Right on!
Zeit, are you saying that Ben is Priyanka Chopra?
He may very well be, b!X, but its hard to tell when he's in the invisible jet :) Or (SPOILER) - getting killed by Giles!
It looks like there are tire tracks running across it, and possibly a few road signs, so maybe she was just trying to dress appropriately for the film. Uh, it gives her a nice, simple silhouette in spite of the busy print? The blue of the dress and the orange of the shawl are complimentary? Why does it seems so wrong to say something not-nice when that dress is not nice? She's going to kill me with her brain, isn't she?
Video killed the radio....oops, not that one.

Love Summer, Hate the Dress!
I am a firm believer that the clothes dont make the man (or woman in this case), but the man makes the clothes. Having said that, I think the dress looks beautiful on Summer.
What? She looks ADORABLE.

I am a firm believer that the clothes don�t make the man (or woman in this case), but the man makes the clothes. Having said that, I think the dress looks beautiful on Summer.

Conversely: the man (or woman) who made those clothes should be made to eat it.

What? She looks ADORABLE.

Yeah, not contesting that. The dress, however...
That dress + Summer = the awesome.
Scotto - I expected your math to be Summer - that dress = the awesome. I don't mean that in a pervy way, though you may - cheeky monkey! Wait, maybe I was confusing you with gossi...
This is the kind of math they should be teaching in our schools, I'm telling you.
to wubba who?

that dress is GORGEOUS. kinda custo barcelona.

Summer's gorgeous. The dress is gorgeous. What are these people smoking?
Obviouly not the same thing as the person who designed the dress. You got the -eous part right ;) Sorry, too much sugar, me!
ha. ha. :P GORGEOUS, I say!

god forbid fashion be playful, eclectic, individual & fun - let's all wear little black dresses!

Summer - you go, girl! Bright, eye-catching, and with a simple, *perfectly* flattering cut.
Summer - that dress = the awesome

Therefore, Summer - the awesome = that dress

So Summer is that dress (just without her awesomeness).

In other words, Summer is wearing her own evil twin, or Summer = Ben wearing Glory, so Summer is both Ben and Glory. QED.

(I can't believe Joss foreshadowed this all the way back in Season 5, truly a master plan from a storytelling genius)
She looks absolutely beautiful, and dressed appropriately for a Summer's day in California.

GFY has no issue with the cut, color, or fit of the dress, all things that, trust me, they do not ignore. Their issue, as clearly stated, is only with the print. And because I have a toddler, I can say they're right on that it looks like something off a kid's toy, but, even worse than Thomas, it looks like a set from Jay Jay the Jet Plane.

That said, if one can forget the runway and the hangar and the doozit on the side that could pass for an airplane, which one may or may not be able to do, Summer does indeed look lovely in that cut, color, and fit. And shoes. :)
Saje - its more abstract than that because Summer is the awesome with or without the dress. Summer - the awesome = unimaginable (please don't say Tara Reid, please don't say Tara Reid - whew!). Summer is not the dress, though Eddie Brock may be Venom (see how I did that?) and Ben may be Glory. WHAT!?!? OMG! Joss actually typo'd that; he meant to foreshadow Veronica Mars and Battlestar Galactica.

ETA - Plus we're ignoring the really important question here... if cavemen and astronauts got into a fight, who would win?
For a second there, I thought you meant that Summer - the dress was unimaginable. See, kids need better education.
"its more abstract than that because Summer is the awesome with or without the dress"

Hmmm.... i love the whole without the dress idea.
I'm more interested in the fact that she went to see "Who Killed the Electric Car" than in what she wore. If I had her figure, I might wear a dress like that, too (but then it would ruin the uniqueness thing).
At least there's no cheese.
Ah, Summer = the awesome so that, Summer - the awesome = 0.

But Summer - the awesome = that dress, therefore, that dress = 0 so that Summer is nak... Hmm, could it be that the whole Ben/Glory plot-line was an encoded warning to the world about 'Showgirls' ? Only someone with Joss' acumen could warn us about a film that was released 7 years prior to the warning. Man's a bloody genius.

dressed appropriately for a Summer's day in California.

Wait a minute, she has her own day in California ?

Maybe we should lobby for a Morena's day too.

if cavemen and astronauts got into a fight, who would win?

Are any of them wearing dresses that could (and probably should) be registered as lethal weapons in several states ? Cos that'd have to be an advantage.
I thought Summer was the ship?

Or was that River?

River, stay away from my door...unless you lose the dress. Then, come on in!

Summer does indeed=the awesome. This fall, Vote for Summer!
I'm with Anwyn, the problem is just the print, but it's a big problem that no amount of stoner math can fix.
Put me down in the 'dressed appropriately for a summer's day/eclectic, fun dresses are of the good' column. She's too cute for words.
What is that, a beach towel? It looks like Superman trying to stop a train while upside down. Hey, whatever floats her boat.

Oh, and astronauts can kill you with their brains.
I see a bunny and a piano. What does this say about my psyche? Well - let's not get into that after all. Perhaps it just says that I actually DO need bifocals!
You could be right dreamlogic. This may require stoner sudoku. Just feels like overkill is all.

I dunno Chris inVirginia, I voted for Summer last Spring so far with few tangible results. I'm starting to become apathetic about the whole process.
Nebula1400 - You have discovered my secret plan! Not actually to bag on the pretty lady, but to spam Whedonesque with links to movies about alternative forms of transportation!

Goooooo Los Angeles! Go me, for riding public transportation in Los Angeles! Go Summer, for posing next to a tout for a movie that I can't wait to see, which assumably indicates that she was there to see it, too!

This comment was brought to you by the exclamation mark!
Saje, in our last senatorial election (2002), I voted for Richard Wilkens III.


If Warner runs again, I will indeed Vote for Summer!
I love the dress. It is colourful, looks very comfortable and is fun. She is young, in Hollywood, and she has a neat dress, imho.
Go Summer.
Is that a llama on the dress?


I think it's a fun dress and it sort of looks good on her. Not sure if it's right for the occasion, but hey, I'm cargo pants and t-shirts gal, so what do I know.
OK, the design is a little different, but the style of the dress really shows off Summer's great figure (and, smokin' hot much? ;-))

BTW, Happy Summer's Day! Has it already been a year since the last one? *goes off to have traditional Summer's Day picnic* ;-)
A little different? It looks like she's wearing a Thomas The Tank Engine duvet cover. Her hair looks great btw.
I love GFY, and I love the BDHs, but GFY wins this round by a knockout.
Eh, I don't mind it that much. I've seen a lot worse. The colors are actually quite nice. The only part of the outfit that I find truly awful is that orange shawl.
Actually since I'm being honest, I'd like to publicly declare that Jewel Staite should have been Fugged for the dress she wore to the Serenity premiere. Summer, on the other hand, looked cute. Like she was going to a gala prom or something. But Jewel... it was a bad dress.
I think it's a very strange dress but I really don't care because Summer is the cutest thing since something really adorable.
I think it's cool.
I really like the dress. I think that it takes a certain kind of person to pull it off and she does it very well. It would look horrible on a lesser woman, but I think she looked great. It's a whimsical dress, very playful, perfect for that occasion. I hardly expected her to wear a full length strapless gown with a tiara.

Now the shoes, I'm not so fond of.

[ edited by Browncoat on 2006-06-30 02:13 ]
It's not something I would ever wear, but the dress really isn't that horrible. Her hair and makeup are done very well. As for that thing on the left: could it possibly be a bunny??

These comments are among the most entertaining I've read!
Maybe I'm just weird... But I think that dress is cool in a "not so cool in actuality but yet very much still" kinda way. Go Summer, I'm with you all the way there.

Let's just conclude that Ben is Mystique and be done with it, right? That would explain a lot you know.

[ edited by Djungelurban on 2006-06-30 02:46 ]
Let's not forget that SMG was fugged in May and her dress had NO debate for hideousness -- it really was that bad!
Nebula1400 - You have discovered my secret plan! Not actually to bag on the pretty lady, but to spam Whedonesque with links to movies about alternative forms of transportation!

I kind of got that, bitterbyrden, and I'm glad you were able to Whedon it! I promise I won't wear that dress when I see the movie, because (1) it would be scary on me, and (2) I would never get it past my thighs. Besides, the theatre will be dark, and the message of the movie is the important thing. (So GO SUMMER! for drawing attention to it!)

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2006-06-30 05:59 ]
I think the dress is unusual, even a little odd (and so distinctive it can't ever be worn to a public event again). It says to me, I'm a pretty girl with a sense of humor; in other words, young, sexy and fun. I also think Summer is as scorchingly hot as the season she's named for.

Scorching hotness, as any scientist can tell you, beats the fleeting quibbles of dress strangeness any day. Also consider that she's actually far more discreetly and tastefully dressed than any random clubful of hipster Hollywood nightcrawlers you might run across on a typical evening out.

To be young is to dare, and who could argue with that bod? those legs? that smile? Go on wit' your bad self, girlfriend! You'll look at that picture in years to come and laugh at the dress, but you'll love that you had the self-confidence to pull it off.

[ edited by Wiseblood on 2006-06-30 06:34 ]
Hmm.. I'm torn. As someone who wouldn't touch anything but plain and simple, single colored (t-)shirts I wouldn't wear anything looking that play- and colorful. Wwell, there is this one slightly Wash-like shirt.. but it's just too comfortable and that's the other thing. I always liked women with an "I wear what I like and feel comfortable in, so take your fashion $%%$ and shove it".

Also, my subversive side would actually BEG for her to attend the Oscars in exactly that dress as a big "in your face, fancy Gucci sheep". Always prefer feeling good over looking good... unless there's a dress code and it's REALLY important.
I thought it was kind of a cool dress and she looked great in it, as she always does - on the other hand, that doesn't mean I didn't also think the bit about a fashion ink blot test was pretty funny. :-) It didn't come off as mean spirited to me.
This is why Fashion critics are just talking, their opinions no better than Summer's, yours or mine.

The dress is a magnet for the eyes, and give adoring fans an excuse to look a bit longer than otherwise might seem most polite.

Summer is - and looks - precious. Don't nobody be mean to our Summer.
I have to put my two cents in...

She's young and thin and beautiful. And youth is THE TIME to wear fun and arty clothes. Look around and see what passes for clothing nowadays.

I say she looks great and like a lovely young woman having fun.

Way to go Summer. Just keep on being yourself!
vote count
bunnies (2), Thomas the Tank Engine (2)
It looks like a tie at this point folkes.....
Well, add my voice to the chorus in support of our fair Summer. The cut of the dress is extremely flattering and, as others have said, both the print and the cut look young and fun; the color grabs your eye (and fits her natural coloring, though I couldn't tell you if Summer is a summer or a winter or any of that "palette" stuff); there's just enough orange in the dress that having an orange shawl is brilliant as an accessory; the shoes match beautifully and they make her legs look absolutely fantastic. Not that I took a close look at the picture, mind you. ;) I also agree that her hair and makeup are lovely. So...what's not to love here? Fie on you, Go Fug Yourself people; you've barked up the wrong tree!

By the way, thanks so much for all the "stoner math;" I needed the laugh!
Is she trying to get cast in a Thomas The Tank Engine motion picture? After years of cancellation, it returns...

On the plus side, Summer is going to a movie I actually want to see.
Well, if there ever was anyone who could pull off the ThomastheTankEngineDuvetCover look, it's our lovely Summer.
The diagonal lines strip of fabric down the center between her breasts I think is a little weird, but otherwise I think it's kinda cool. It's got vibrant colors and I'm pretty sure random letters across the bottom so it really may be going for the childhood nostalgia route.

The dead body just makes it like those indie hipster shirts that I kind of like the look of, even if they are ridiculously expensive. Fuse the two together and...I'm pretty sure these T-shirts really do exist.
I'm with you, swanland. dreamlogic's "...the problem is just the print, but it's a big problem that no amount of stoner math can fix" made me do that bark-like laugh where my last gulp of water almost came out of my nose. Fantastic.

Love GFY and love Summer. She looks gorgeous, though the print on the pretty dress on the pretty girl is, well, unpretty. No matter, though. You wanna see truly fashion challenged FOVs? (Friends of 'Verse) Check out Bai Ling on GFY... she has her own nav button. She's too fun.

But more important than either of those lovely ladies' threads, is the premiere briefly mentioned. Check out the trailer for the timely Who Killed the Electric Car?
Haha, yeah. Bai Ling's a blast. You never know in what kinda outfit she'll appear in next, it's like a lottery. I mean, just look at this, how do you even go about picking something like this out? It's just a hoot! :)
Wow... I apparently missed that when I fell behind on GFY. Must peruse the archives :)
Ain't nobody being "mean" to Summer, you Whedonesque people. If she were one of my closest friends, I'd have had basically the same reaction (except possibly more cruel): "BWAHAHAHAHAHA! What the hell have you got on, girl? Are you starting some kind of 'beachtowel reconstruction' fashion faux pas movement?"

I'll give Glau this: she made us look. I'd love to hear what she thought of the movie.
Summer is all over the viral marketing thing, maybe it was deliberate :) Choo-choo!!! All aboard the conspiracy train (or Summer's dress)... Hey, if Summer's dress left Cleveland heading West at 125kph and the conspiracy train left an undisclosed location heading in an undisclosed direction for an unspecified period of time, what time would an unspecified event theoretically occur?

p.s. - all in good fun!
Summer looks wonderful. The shape of the dress does make her look fabulous. And the cut. And the length. But yeah, the print does look like a Fisher Price nightmare. Still, I wouldn't have noticed if they hadn't pointed it out, unless I had been standing close to her.

Summer I love you! And once you're fugged your definitely on major Hollywood radar. So yay! If that's what Summer wants. Fame and Glory. Uh oh. Did I bring up Glory again?
Fame and Glory! Fortune and... Ben?!! Oy...

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