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June 29 2006

Spike returns to the Blood Drive at this year's Comic-Con. Last year's Blood Drive was a huge success mostly due to Diamond Select offering limited edition Spike figures to the first 500 donors. This year, they've upped the ante and 700 Spike figures from Angel season 5 will be given away.

Amber Benson will be judging Indy films...

I assume she'll also be signing somewhere too. And I expect a decent amount of Buffy/Angel alum there signing as well.

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The Browncoats will be in the same place as last year, space A11 and A12. So stop on by and check out the fundraiser and all the pretties we'll be giving away.

And if we can beg and plead appropriately, we are going to try and have some of those alum's signing at our table!
That's fantastic! Last year I gave blood, but signed up for Sunday so I wouldn't miss a key panel, and was too late for a Spike figure. Of course I would give blood anyway, but it's nice to get a cool reward for doing so.

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