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June 29 2006

Adam Baldwin interview from Adventure Con. "At a muscular 6'4", Adam can seem quite imposing and is probably one of the reasons why he has been cast in many tough-guy roles, but his real-life persona belies a heart of gold."

I heart our BDHs, for real. Great link, RavenU! :-)
Gotta love a man who tells us to read more... please.
Great interview and what a top bloke. Seems very willing to have a laugh (even at himself) so i'd sit down with him for a beer and a chat anytime (though we might be better avoiding the topic of politics ;).
Adam rocks. I love the fact that he's seen and loved Mosquito - my favourite fan film ever :)
Nice interview. I can so hear him saying these things. When he was at a con last year I tried to ask him what it was like to suddenly be in the spotlight like this. He's been a good actor, steadily getting work for 25 years and suddenly he is a big star to many people. He claimed that not much had changed.
As a complete grammar nazi sidenote, it should really be 'his onscreen persona belies a heart of gold'. Saying his real-llife persona belies a heart of gold is saying that his real-life persona shows that he doesn't have a heart of gold.
So z are you saying in the imfamous words of Inigo Montoya.

"I do not think that word means, what you think it means."


Sorry but I can never pass up a chance to quote the Princess Bride.
Haha! Never go in against a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line!
As you wish.
Heh. I was going to be semi-snide about that myself, but you beat me to it, zeitgeist. "Belies" seems to be in fashion on the net now, and is often misused in this way. It's like there's a law of conservation of malapropism--always one or two in vogue words that are not used correctly a good chunk of the time.

Always fun to read interviews with Adam, though this is not my favorite.
No more rhymes. I mean it!
What a fun interview! I'm always glad he doesn't beat the drum for his own political leanings, but asks his fans to form their own opinions. *sigh* And now I adore him even more... so cute at 3 1/2 on his little blue trike. AAAUGH!!
To the pain! ;-)

Er, that is all.

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