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June 29 2006

ABC's preview of 'Daybreak.' Adam's new show, set to debut in January, puts him on the other side of the law as an LAPD officer. ABC includes a video preview.

Apologies if this has already been posted at some point, but I hadn't heard of this show until an interview mentioned it.

I'm really interested in this. I like the premise, I like Rob Bowman, I like Mitch Pileggi in it, and I like Taye Diggs.

Oh, hey, and I love Adam Baldwin. :) And it's amazing how just the subtration of his stubble makes him look nothing like a Jayne badass and everything like a very dangerous goody twoshoes cop.

But I wonder how they're gonna push this show past one season. Taye's poor character would go out of his mind in short order if he had to relive another day every season.

Also it's going to make for complicated viewing, even in the capsule of one season, with them always having to remind us of what he did right and wrong in the last episodes. We'll see.

One of my Firefly boys, and one of my RENT boys together in one show! So shiney!

I'm glad they've both got work, and I know I'm not the only fan they've got in common.

Go crime drama!
"The other side of the law" for Jayne, perhaps. Just not the other side of the law from Adam's Danny on The Inside.
Wow, this is much more high concept than when I first heard of it (just seemed to be a cop show then).

I'm interested in the idea enough to give it a chance but the aspect of it that bothers me is that although Taye Diggs can remember the 'previous' day no-one else can, which means other characters can't change at all except in their day to day responses i.e. no character development.

In most other types of show that'd be a big problem but I guess with a cop show/mystery plot becomes more important so maybe static characters aren't fatal and the repetition would allow some nice gradual revealing of different aspects to each character. Think i'm with Anwyn though in that i'm not sure about longevity (that said, both Stargates have very little in the way of character change and have been running for a combined 11 years so it can be done).
I wish Adam nothing but luck, but if even one of the stars can't explain the series premise? Ouch. Wasn't "premise not easily explained" supposed to have been one of the culprits behind the not-so-great boxoffice of "Serenity" (and, for that matter, the low ratings of "Firefly"...apart from all the network pre-emptions, not airing the pilot, not promoting the show, etc.)? Only difference being, this show's premise really, really isn't easily explained.
I dunno, I think he does a pretty fair job (assuming you're talking about the interview in another post) though the interviewer may seem to not grasp immediately what he means, I think her 'Will each episode be a new day ?' question actually just means will each episode deal with one complete day or might we have two-parters set in the same day (or as AB explains, some episodes which only deal with a few hours or even minutes from a particular day).

To me, as soon as I read 're-imagining of the Groundhog Day concept' it's obvious how it's going to work but I guess that's no help if you haven't seen Groundhog Day ;).
Actually, I think the character growth will be seeing in each ep how the characters react to Taye's changing of the game--i.e. even though THEY can't remember the previous day, we can, and we know how they reacted to Taye Action (A); now we'll see how they react to Taye Action (B) and it may reveal something of a different aspect to their character.

Will it be enough character development in the long term? I don't know.
Adam or no Adam, that whole premise made me groan.

It's repeating days, like in Groundhog Day, and it already felt old in Early Edition/Seven Days/Tru Calling. An endless repetition of the same day sounds a bit Boringville to me--I share the worries about character development.
Good point, Telltale. I didn't think of Tru Calling at first, but once you mentioned it, yeah, this is very similar -- the "reset" day only one person recalls, although of course she told her peeps about it. I'll watch a few eps for Adam, of course, but, hmmm.
Well, to pick nits like there's no tomorrow, 'Early Edition' didn't have repeating days, Gary, the central character, just got tomorrow's paper today (though there're definitely some similarities).

'Seven Days' and 'Tru Calling' were both pretty poor, IMO (sorry Eliza ;) but, personally, I just can't get enough of the time-travel/do-over days idea if it's well done (even those shows had some 'goosebumps' moments). There's something about the convergence of fate and the lone hero trying to change it that really appeals to me (one reason why I enjoy 'The Dead Zone' series so much, especially the truly excellent season 2 (?) episode 'Precipitate' wherein Johnny has a blood transfusion and sees visions of six different people's futures then has to try and find a happy outcome for each).

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