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June 29 2006

Sideshow Cordelia. They gave us a tiny little hint over a month ago of what the new figure would be and here she is! From the "You're Welcome" Angel episode.

That looks fantastic. Now it's time for the Lindsey one. I don't care what episode, the later seasons are what I'd rather though.
That really does look like her! Great!
Wow, they did a nice job !
I wonder if she'll have the peek-a-boo black bra with this? It looks like the shirt is cut for that. Also wondering what kind of accessories will come with it as well!
SO getting that.
That is really good. Definately one of the best ones I've seen.
Yeah, needs more cleavage, Firefly Flanatic!
Yeah, that is actually an excellent likeness which should lead to an astounding figure. Now why can't all the Buffy/Angel figures be of the same quality? From what I've seen, they are all very good quality in terms of clothing and both the range and accuracy of accessories. However, although these are great achievements, they are meaningless unless the likeness is strong and the figure actually looks natural and like the character. In this case they seem to have finally got that down perfectly so hopefully the figures with a human appearance will all look this good from now on.
Well said, Razor. I'm not a collector and really know nothing about these figures, other than reading y'all talk about the new releases here, or the having a look at fun photos of posed characters on the Whedonesque flickr boards. I'm always pretty baffled by them, because short of their faithfully re-created outfits, I rarely note a meaningful resemblance. This, however? Wow. This is impressive. I'm imaginging the collective *squeee* from the collectors among us.
Ah, yes, barest_smidgen, the *squee* that was heard around the world. Well, in the office,at least, when a fellow Angel fan saw the figure.

It really is a great likeness.
I would bet that Cordelia is enough to bring out a lot of *squee*, even from people who aren't collectors.

Yet another sentence that sounded better in my head before I typed it. ;-)
This is a beautiful likeness (I had been disappointed with 'Faith'), I find myself tempted to add to my collection of dolls action figures.

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