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"I wanted to do a show about people who are not 'super,' just working-class people, the people history steps on. (Joss on Firefly)"
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June 30 2006

EzyDVD will release special Tin package for Firefly DVD box set in September. From the same Aussie store that brought us the tin packaged Serenity earlier this year.

Very nice! Think I'll buy this for the tin alone. Thanks, Numfar PTB :)
So utterly pointless but completely irresistible.
No way in hell I'm missing out on one of these! :D It looks sweet too, without the huge and annoying ratings things on the front.

Numfar; thanks a bunch for the heads up!
"Artwork expected to change" it says.
I got the Serenity tin because I wanted the extra content in it and the tin was too cool to pass up. But do I get this one just for the tin? Painful decision time coming up!
I've lent my Firefly set to a friend, and it hasn't returned yet.
This gives me a great excuse to buy another set. And it isn't even that expensive.

Don't remember what I was wathching last Wednesday, but I came out with a urgent feeling to watch Firefly, and it was sort of bummer not having a set with me.
I've been thinking about buying another set so that I can loan out the one I already have. So far I've refused to loan out my current set, unless I go with it. I've had too many things not returned. :( This may be the perfect excuse.
I want a shiny tin Firefly DVD set...
Shiny! This is a must have. I need a set to loan out anyways :)
So utterly pointless but completely irresistible.

Simon sums it up perfectly.
Thanks for posting this - I have to have a shiny Firefly tin to go with my Serenity one, so I've now pre-ordered.
I tried to resist, but as you know resistance is futile.
Sure hope I don't get a dent in mine like I did with my Serenity tin though...
Wait, wait let me get this straight. It's basically the same DVDs, only they're in a tin?

Very, very tempting, but it's 38 bucks!!

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Artwork's gonna change? Yeah, always thought Firefly could use a better cover. If I had a region-free player, I'd get this.
Oh, that and the cost of getting a region-free player.

I hate to say it, but I'll pass.
Very, very tempting, but it's 38 bucks!!

Comes at US$33.55, actually, including shipping. (Using Ezydvd's own exchange estimate.) (Assuming you were speaking of US bucks.) :-)

Curious about the "subject to change"--hadn't noticed that at first.
Taking things on perspective, I'm actually going to pay two times less on this set, compared to how much I payed when I bought my first set.

I spent about R$210,00 Brazilian Reais about two years ago, and this tin set, will cost me less than R$75,00 Reais, in both cases including shipping.

Maybe importing to Brazil from Australia, is actually cheaper than importing from the US.

Comes at US$33.55, actually, including shipping. (Using Ezydvd's own exchange estimate.) (Assuming you were speaking of US bucks.) :-)

Is the 18 for shipping in AUD or US? I assume AUD now which in that case yes, about 33. Still a heck of a lot for me.

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Can I ask a question that has probably asked before...How come the Oz release of Serenity has so many more extras? And will they release a US edition that has them as well...kinda feel like there is something missing from my copy of the BDM.... And, lastly, anyone know if the scene on Miranda with Mal and Inara after seeing the Reaver vid, will ever make it to dvd?
Sorry if I am asking questions that have already been answered elsewhere, just haven't found them.
Aw, wrong region for me, dang. :-(

Celas, we Americans (including me ;-)) moaned & whinged mightily when all the Oz extras were announced, so you might try the Archives again around the time the DVD was released (which was last December in the U.S.). But I don't remember if an answer to your question was given apart from "They're lucky, us, not so much!"

I know what Mal-Inara scene you're talking about, too, the one that you see on the blooper reel but not in the movie, but I don't remember if that's one of the Oz extras. IIRC, that scene is in the script in the Serenity companion book. So, OK, I didn't help a lot, but, well, I tried. ;-)
I bought the Serenity tin, even though I can't actually play it on my DVD. I'm so buying the this.

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