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June 30 2006

Common Rotation Plays the U.K. Adam Busch and his boyz are rotating across the pond with their brand of upbeat existential folk. Corn Mo shares the bill.

Thursday, October 5 2006
The Troubadour

Friday, October 6 2006
Lavery's-The Bunker
Belfast, N. Ireland

Saturday, October 7 2006
G2 (Under The Garage)

Adam's Spring 2006 post is worth a read, if you have a moment.

Great to see them on the road again, I recommend that anyone who gets the opportunity to check them out does so. They put on a great show whether they are in front of five people or five thousand; they bring massive energy and enthusiasm either way - coffee shop or coliseum. Socially concious, infectious music with heart from some really cool guys (hi Jordan!). Corn Mo is, um, unique :) Nice guy, kinda out there, not everyone's cup of tea.
Can't believe we just missed them at the WorldCafe in Philly. Was really looking forward to seeing them live for the first time. Perhaps we'll have to go to Glasgow...
Boo, they've only played Manchester once and I was already going to a gig that day. Doesn't look like they're coming here this time and they didn't last time either.
CoRo and Corn Mo...interesting.
Yeah, the former colonies apologize in advance to the motherland re: the free gift with purchase at these shows that is Corn Mo. /shakes head. I'm sure he's a really nice guy, but man...

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Seeing as Adam's band are playing Belfast again, I have to ask what is a Corn Mo? Is he an Iowan farmer?
In a sentence, I'd say Corn Mo is what you'd get if a Meatloaf impersonator took over for Tiny Tim as the lead singer for a German oompa band.
That's fairly apt... and funny as hell.
I saw Common Rotation a couple months ago and had a blast. I was glad to see they're coming back to Boston later this year. w00t!
In a sentence, I'd say Corn Mo is what you'd get if a Meatloaf impersonator took over for Tiny Tim as the lead singer for a German oompa band.

Well, it doesn't get much clearer than that. ;-)
Corn Mo, eh? I haven't seen CommonRo in over a year, but I'll join the chorus of fans here. This is most definitely not your usual, laughably amateur celebrity vanity band (kaff*Keanu*kaff). I've seen them 5 or 6 times and they've given consistently terrific shows, although Adam is pretty funny when mishaps occur (broken strings, that sort of thing). I like their albums, but they really shine on stage.

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