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June 30 2006

More details about the Firefly: The Official Companion book. Quite a list of goodies, including "talking in-depth with Executive Producer Tim Minear and the writing staff about the evolution of the show - including the stories that were never filmed."

for those who will be at ComicCon, Titan is sending us one advance proof of the Firefly Companion - so you can get a sneak peek at what's in store.

on that note, I am happy to report that the Browncoats have the EXACT same booth assignments as last year. A11 & A12.

The Serenity Companion is such a great read -- I can't wait to see what they've done with Firefly!
This sounds like it's going to be a lot more in-depth than the Serenity Companion (which I did love). I have no idea what shooting scripts annotated by the crew will look like; the script in the Serenity book seemed like the polished final draft. (Not that I'm complaining; it reads really well.) At any rate, I'm really excited; it sounds like they pulled out all the stops.
I just received the Serenity Companion and have pre-orderd the Firefly Companion. Even though it was a cursory glance, the Serenity Companion looks fabulous. I cannot wait for the FF Companion. *happy anitcipatory dance*
And congratulations to those who attended the charity screenings and ended up winning the gift certificates from Titan Books good for one copy of the Serenity companion and one copy of the Firefly companion.

(And apologies both from me and Titan for the fact that Australia and New Zealand didn't get any of these. There's apparently some different distriubtion trickiness which made this available only to North America and the UK.)
Since they are already 'out there' now, it should also probably be mentioned that somebody has been selling early drafts of Serenity's script on eBay, with scribbles from Universal on them.
That is so INCREDIBLY shiny. I can't wait! It's exactly what I've been wanting for the longest time, and I really love what they did for the Serenity companion.
Sounds awesome.

miyu_tVP, I'll be going to Comic Con for the first time this year, so that sounds fantastic. :-D
I wonder which Firefly episode scripts are going to be in there? Is it a selection of the best, or will they actually include them all across the two books? (but they'd need to include more in the second volume, were that the case. And would they include Dead or Alive?)
It's weird, because the article refers to the "principal six episodes" - what the heck do you suppose that means?
Serenity, Ariel, Out of Gas and Objects in Space would almost certainly be there, I think.
Well principal could be the first six or the best six. *shrug* Either way, I'm excited to get my hands on the book.
I saw the thread and was going to post about having the early copy at Comic-Con, but Miyu was just a lot faster :)

And don't forget, if you want to own an actual Firefly script, instead of just a reprinted copy, the California Browncoats are auctioning all 14 of Adam Baldwin's scripts on eBay. The first will start either right before or right after Comic-Con. They will be listed 1 per week throughout the summer until they are all gone.

Here's your chance to own a very special part of Firefly history and donate to Adam's personal choice for charity, MC-LEF.
I really do love that it's Volume 1. This gives hope for Volumes 2, 3,4, and more.
That article said "first volume in a two-volume set."
I thought this was coming out in Sept for some reason. August, eh? Time to start hinting mightily about birthday presents.....
Oh, so very definitely buying this. 'Principal episodes' could also mean something like Joss' pick of the best or maybe someone's idea of the most important (e.g. re: character changes or plot developments). BTW, it says

with new commentaries

Does this mean a CD with actual commentaries or maybe full printed transcripts or is it more like introductory notes ? Don't mean to be greedy but a CD would be beyond cool. Like, arctic even ;).

(a few of the other titles look interesting too especially the PK Dick one and a couple of the Supes books)
This looks wicked shiney. Just what I needed to hear about after watching all of the Serenity DVD special features in a row at 1 AM.

July 21, huh? Why'd the thingy say August then? And March 23 for the second one? I suppose it's good to space these things out.

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