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June 30 2006

'Can't Stop the Serenity': What's next? "Serenity Now/Equality Now" mastermind B!x comments on future charity screenings of The Big Damn Movie....

B!x writes:

Early talk of wanting to do this again next year surfaced well before this event truly got underway. Several cities already are reporting that their venues have invited them back to do it again next year, with some venues offering larger capacity....

... on the matter of another round of screenings next year, it is the "official" position of this website that Browncoats should let this year's organizers finish tallying the funds raised, decompress, consider the success of their events, and ponder what worked and what can be done better....

There will be a letter going out to our Universal distribution contact in early July, posing the set of questions we would need answered before any substantive discussions can occur amongst organizers regarding a new round of charity screenings in 2007. In addition, organizing discussions likely will be moved off of the Yahoo! group and onto a Web-based discussion forum, once the relevant details of that are worked out....

(And stay tuned for news on a September screening in Arizona that's been planned since the beginning of this year.)

Sweet. I didn't manage to catch a screening this year so I'm glad I may still get my chance.

Do we have an estimate yet of how much money was raised?
I really hope that there are screenings next year, as it was a lot of fun, and next year I'll actually dress up! :-D

Glad that this worked out so well.
According to the site, so far it's estimated that over $62,000 was raised. :D

And yes, I really hope there's one next year. The organizer in my area seems like she'd be willing. I didn't get to go this year, and was very disappointed, so I'd love to have another chance.

I wanna dress up! If only I had a Riverdress.
Kudos to everyone involved.

And I just went from there to the vid of Joss' speech to Equality Now, with him being introduced by Meryl Streep and - Meryl Streep for Queen Hippolyta in Wonder Woman! (Hey she was blonde when I was reading the comic book.)
Yes, please do it again. I missed this round due to other plans that weekend, but I really really wanted to go. :( To see Serenity again, on the big screen, with a lot of other Browncoats. *sigh*

Plus, charity is always good. And it keeps our BDM out there on people's minds.
FWIW, tho I haven't yet updated the CSTS site with this, Portland's revised estimate is $6,900.
What next for Can't Stop The Serenity: the sequel screenings, of course!

Serenity 2, which features a 37 minute sequence of Serenity ball bancing with Enterprise. (And Washs' thing).
gossi - disturbing and incomprehensible doesn't even do justice to your post :) What now?
OMG, I can actually shed light on a portion of a gossipost(TM)! I feel so...Giles!

There was a Josspost a while back where he said that Serenity 2 (was that one "So Very Nude"? that part I don't remember) would include as a part of the plot that "Wash has a thing."

What do I win? ;-)
I should correct the grammar on my post. I did not, in fact, mean Serenity would be ball dancing with Enterprise and Washs' penis. That would be silly. I meant Serenity would be ball dancing in a CGI 37 minute sequence (think of Attack On Zion, but with artistic ship dancing), AND Wash still has a thing. That thing being a telephone pole through his chest, yo.

I am sober whilst I write this.
Too bad. Seems like a waste of a perfectly good opportunity for drunkenness. ;-)
With 39 Screenings Reporting
$63,450.67 (Est.)
$63,450.67 (Est.)

Um, if we can raise this much money for a charity, why can't we raise enough for another movie????

Just sayin.
Because $63 thousand is significantly less than, say, $50-100 million, and because the movie industry doesn't work that way?
Yup, I think bix nailed that one on the head.
Yeah... but if 63 Million were to be raised, the movie industry might start working that way.

Just saying...
Who would that $63 million go to, out of nowhere? How would anyone who contributed be guaranteed the money would go only to a sequel and not to anything else? Well, we'd have to have some sort of official organization, legal paperwork, insurance, contracts, fallback plans....

I know, a movie studio! ;)
LOL! Yeah, $63 thousand (which is a lotta chedda, yo!) is much better in the hands of Equality Now. If we had the power to raise $63 million -- well, Serenity's box office total would have been -- wait for it -- $63 million! ;-)

Yay more screenings next year! :-)
I really hope that this happens. I live in the Western New York area, near Lake Erie. To my knowledge, there isn't a Browncoat group here. There were no screenings. I would love to try to organize not only a screening, but maybe a Browncoats group like the New York City group.
There was an attempt to do a screenign in Rochester, but I don't recall why it didn't go forward.


With 40 Screenings Reporting
$63,551.38 (Est.)
bix, do you know the total taken so far for Serenity? It has been said that 'Versal would do a sequel if Serenity broke 80 million. Do you know where we are at as of this month?

Thanks for any info.
Serenity didn't break 40 million in global box office. There is no way to know what it has done on DVD, but it didn't even get half way to the 80 million it needed. I'm pretty sure Joss' phone will stay silent on the sequel.
For those who peek back in here even though it's off the main page: I told the tale in the comments to Joss' recent post. But now you can see it for yourself, in all its pixelated, um, oddness.

(And, FWIW, the choppy audio in a couple spots is a weird audio artifact iMovie introduced when doing fade ins/outs.)

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That was fun to watch, bix. Thanks again for the inspiration and the chance to see the BDM in a sold-out theater after all this time!

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