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June 30 2006

krad writing another Buffy book: The Deathless. "..a third-season adventure that involves Ring Day at Sunnydale High School and the arrival of several people from Russian folklore, including Koschei the Deathless and Baba Yaga."

Sounds interesting.
I hope Baba Yaga brings her Hut. Gotta have a chicken-legged Hut...
Haven't read a decent Baba Yaga tale since Fables, might check this one out.
It's great to see some Russian folklore showing up in the 'verse. Would love to see Rasputin come to visit Buffy, too, since she got kicked out of class over him.
Sounds interesting,I wonder when in season 3 it's set.Pre evil Faith or post evil Faith?
wouldestous: I still haven't decided whether or not to use the hut. I suspect even in Sunnydale, a hut on chicken legs would stand out. *laughs*

MissKittysMom: No plans for Rasaputin at present, though one never knows....

Buffyfantic: I'm actually in the process of going through my season three DVDs to find the right spot for it to take place. (I wasn't specific in my proposal.)
Hey, Krad, how do you get approved for an idea for a Buffy novel anyway?
Elf - the publisher will forward the ideas to 20th Century Fox and/or Mutant Enemy.

Krad - the chicken legged hut was converted to become Doublemeat Palace, obviously, after the accident.
Sounds good. I'm still awaiting the UK release of 'Blackout', which is in September.
Krad is the only person that gets BtVS. I'll buy it.
gossi, I love you to death. Ah, can you see where this is going?
Elf: As gossi said, the publisher hires writers like me. We write proposals, and send them to the editor, who sends them to Fox for approval. *grin* Then we write the book and Fox approves that.

gossi: *falls over laughing*

whosflyingthisthing?: Heck, I'd be happy if it was out in the U.S. Just another month and a half or so.

Madhatter: Awwww, thanks!
MissKittysMom: No plans for Rasputin at present, though one never knows....

Not to interfere, but perhaps there could be a way to bring in Rasputin by way of Nostroyev from Angel 5.13, Why We Fight - "I was Rasputin's lover!"

Hee hee, I always loved the show's bizarre tendencies, especially for non-sequiturs like that.

krad, way to go! We'll expect progress reports now, you know!

That said, I'm not so sure this would be my cup of tea. Obviously, no Spike is a downer for me, considering my obsession with love of the Big Bad. I will check it out, though. Of course.
There will be updates on my LiveJournal, rest assured.

No Spike, 'tis true, but third season was really the best place to put this. Ring Day is generally junior or senior year, and I thought senior year was a better place to put it. *grin*
*Suddenly wakes from normal torpor and begins spluttering:*
But. But. But--what about the Awesome Foursome??
*Whines* You promised!! :^}

J/K!! Yeah, I know there were no promises anywhere. But are you maybe thinking of proposing that/them somewhere down the road during or after The Deathless? Hint, hint.

And, um, I hate to sound abysmally ignorant, but what is Ring Day?
Ring Day is when you get your high school class ring.

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