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July 01 2006

A tribute to the Buffy Xbox game - Team Xbox takes another look at this underappreciated gem!

One of my favorite games ever! Hopefully there will be another Buffy game in the future!

I really loved that game. It was the main reason why I got an XBox in the first place. The second game was ok, but not as good as this one was. This one as well as the environments just looked beautiful. Now lets go stake some vampires!
Same here. I bought my Xbox for that game and that game only.
Yep, that is once of the reasons we bought an Xbox. I love playing the first one the second one not so much. And I know I live in a dream world but I hope they make another one or even a game based on Angel or Firefly. Just Wishful thinking.
I have the both Buffy games on Xbox, first one was great, as the article said, great fight engine, good graphics, voice overs from almost all the cast, the voice double for Gellar did a great job, all around a great game, Buffy fan or not.

Second one, not so good.
I like the second one pretty much equally... a little plot-heavy though. And I wish there was a game where you could CHOOSE which character to play. There's nothing quite like getting stuck on Willow's levels and having that horrid voice work in your head all day. Ah-AHH!
The Willow for the 2nd game was so bad, but it was great to fight evil Tara. Playing as Spike was probably the high point of the game for me. Playing as Xander, while really hard at times,was also very cool.
The first XBox game was the reason I got an XBox and it is still one of my favorite games.
I wish the second game had done better so they would have made an Angel game. It would also have been really great if they had an actual MK style fighting game with every major Buffyverse character as an unlockable bonus. Illyria vs. the Master. It'll never happen but a boy can dream.
Well I'll concur with most everybody else in that the first game was awesome, the second not so much. And I too have been dreaming of the day we could have an 'Angel' game (with the same engine as the first 'BtVS' game of course). It would be amazing to play as Illyria, or even better as Wesley. How cool would it be to fight bad guys in slow motion with double pistols or a pump-action shotgun? Hells yeah!
Im glad I wasn't the only one to get an xbox just for the buffy game! lol! I loved both buffy games, but this one had better moves. Please can we have another buffy game and an Angel one.....
I think the first was way better. The second was uber hard to play at times. Not to sound too game-geeky here, but CHAOS had issues with angles when fighting opponents. And my main complaint, no save places. Had to play the whole freakin' level and WIN or you lost all you had done on that level. Major suckage for ppl like me who are game challenged. Other than those two things and yes, the annoying Willow voiceover, it was still worthy of playing. But overall, I prefer the first game. And yep, like a lot of you, it's the only reason I bought my XBOX. :)

And *jumps up and down* Angel game, please!!!! And another Buffy game!
This game was also the deciding factor for me in choosing what console to buy. Xbox had Buffy, PS2 did not. I'm glad that was the case because I much prefer the games offered by the Xbox over PS2.

And one thing I did notice in regards to Chaos Bleeds was that people who didn't play the first game really loved Chaos Bleeds. It was only those of us who could compare the two games found Chaos lacking because of how well put together the first game was.

And yes Cordee, I totally agree with you on the frustrating camera angles and very annoying voice acting for Willow's character in Chaos Bleeds. I did enjoy playing as Willow and doing the magic spells but it was very hard getting past that voice!
I want another Buffy game! I want a Willow game! I want a Faith game! And I want them now! If I sound greedy it's because I am!
I only have the first one (my first xbox title too :p).
I hope I can find the second one around here, while I'm waiting for the next big thing: a new Angel & Buffy game!
And then a Firefly one, and then a Fray one, and then... XD

Well, of course there will be a Wonder Woman one :P
I feel SO good knowing that I wasn't the only one to buy X-Box for the Buffy game.

That being said, I liked them both pretty equally. My only real gripe is that I wish they'd given Faith a somewhat different fighting style from Buffy in the second game.
Welcome to the club Emma!

The funny thing is, I bought the xbox for my husband for his birthday and got a bunch of games off of EBay (of course I looked for a lot with Buffy in it). He had like ten games to chose from and the first game he picked to play was Buffy!
I liked the first one alot, the fights against Spike and the Master were awesome.
Very disppointed with Chaos bleeds, the Scoobies were lame, Faith pretty much had the same moves as Buffy altough their fighting style's were totally different on the show. And my biggest letdown was Spike, he had nowhere near the fighting-style he has on the shows.
I hope that they bring out a next-gen Spike game for the Xbox360. Spike's story can be continued in game form. Kinda like a Devil May Cry/God Of War game, and i hope that he can change in to his vamp-face, to be stronger, more powerful.

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I have never played the first game as it was an Xbox exclusive, but I did play the second. I was fairly impressed with the references to the show and the voices of the real castmembers, and once you got used to the Buffy and Willow replacements it was pretty good. However the story was definitely far removed from anything you would ever expect to see in Buffy.

The gameplay was pretty decent and it was nice to see the variety of characters, however the camera was very poor and the objectives were pretty random (break a pot in a tomb to find a key to a bulldozer- why exactly?). I was willing to live with these faults and still quite enjoyed the game and beat it.

But when I went back and tried to collect all of the "secrets" in each level, when I had finally collected all but one of those in The Initative level, I was finally ready to detroy the game.

Firstly, there are several bits of that level which are incredibly poorly designed, primarily the part where Spike has to jump over the laser beams, which is completely random because you can't really tell where they are aiming and you don't have a great degree of control over jumping. However when I finally managed to overcome this tedious part of the level, and reach the end fight with Adam, my game freezes due to some sort of bug. I tried again a few weeks later, pushing through the incredibly badly designed laser part to get to the end, with the same result.

After that I threw the game underneath my bed in disgust. It actually wouldn't let me finish the game completely! I was willing to ignore the gameplay flaws but that just irritated me so much. However the bonus features are quite nice and are worth having as a sort of oddity. And it's a shame because some of the levels were actually very impressive all round (the Willow missions where you got to use magick were favourites of mine).

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