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July 01 2006

From Slayers to Cylons. Jane Espenson talks Battlestar Galactica. (ETA - If you haven't seen the end of Season 2, this contains massive spoilage - so say we all!)

And my episode is certainly not the "Trouble with Tribbles" of BSG.

That's good. I was kinda worried that Jane would write the "funny" episode.

One of the things that is great about Joss's shows is that the characters can be funny during any episode, thus making the more silly episodes stand out less. Compare this to a show like the X-Files where if you find yourself laughing you are probably watching THE comedy episode of the season where things get wacky.
Yay Jane! BTW, has she blogged about this script yet? I don't check her website ever day (but I should ;-)).
I really don't think there's too much room in BSG for that sort of episode so i'm also glad.

I found it interesting that she's never thought of the show as dark since the characters feel 'so very real'. I think that's probably why it is dark as there's (strangely, for a show set in space ;) not too much escapism involved nor much that rings false about the people on it. Got to say I think any show where the entire species spends most episodes on or near the brink of annihilation (and this is treated with a real-life level of gravitas rather than the lightness of, say, a Stargate show) qualifies as dark-ish at least.

billz, I check it most days (got to keep current on her lunch report ;) and though she's mentioned it and her love for BSG (and the news is reported on the front page) she hasn't let slip any details yet as far as I remember.
seven dwarves of the apocalypse

So funny. I hope this is a hint that her episode will have some substantial Baltar. If not it's still great on the character.
Tribbles? Where? Caroline, I thought you hired an exterminator?

My toes are dancing for Jane's episode. She's perfectly suited for BSG. Break a leg, Jane!
(just gonna report on Jane's blog per Billz Q - saje got to it first)

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So, things we can surmise from the interview about her episode:
-Laura talks
-Adama talks
-Baltar is funny
-No tribbles

Well slap me silly if this ain't screamin' for a spoiler tag!

Also, do we know if her ep is going to be in the first or second run of the season yet?
Thanks, Saje and napua! :-)
I just love Jane's writing, and I don't doubt her abilities to write an episode consistent with the tone of BSG (although I'm truly surprised about her comment on its darkness). However, we'll get really good Baltar lines! And I love her "seven dwarfs of the apocalypse" comment.
*opens one eye again* It's safe! Back on Whedonesque!
As Resulute said, a spoiler warning for those who haven't seen the second part of season two (because it's not out on DVD yet) would have been great, or a clearer description of the link, that it contains in-depth (from what I've tried not to see) talk about season two. I know the board policy regarding spoilers, but nothing sucks more than being spoiled if you desperately try not to be.
I agree Ariane. I don't live in the States so I haven't seen that much of the show and I'd like not to be spoiled. I agree that it doesn't need the red spoiler tag, because it has actually aired, but if the posters could mention if the link has spoilers in the blurb (or whatever it's called), that would be really helpful! I've only just started watching the show, so this is pretty exciting.

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Thanks, Simon!

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