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July 01 2006

Serenity showing on Sky Box Office - and in HD. Although I can't see it mentioned in the page, this is showing on the HD Sky Box Office channel too, for those who have their Sky HD boxes - Shiny!

I know it was mentioned elsewhere that this was showing on the subscription Sky Movies channels, but I don't think it has been mentioned that it is on Box Office, too - if it has, feel free to delete the post, mods.

One slightly weird thing is that they only give it 3 stars, but the write-up is positively glowing.
Well is that 3 out of 4 stars?
I spoke to the person who wrote the Sky review - he's a really great guy. He said Sky have a seperate department who rate the film, which doesn't make great sense to me, but they are owned by Fox-by-proxy - so you know (my words, not his). The guy also had about 2 hours footage taken at Edinburgh (which Joss + most of the cast), but hey only got to air a few minutes on Sky Movie News. It's a real shame as I'm sure they had some gems in it.

Also, I'd kill to see Serenity in HD. When I've watched DVDs in the past I've actually seen more than I have on the big screen, so I can only imagine what Serenity looks like in high definition.
I downloaded the Serenity trailer in HD and it did look pretty. I have a HD LCD set but sadly no Sky HD yet.

Guess I'll have to wait.
Serenity looks like in high definition.

It looks gorgeous. Is Sky's broadcast OAR?
Sky broadcast with many OARS. Hoary OARS. (I have no idea what I'm saying).
O.A.R.? Bees are on the what now? I'm stupid. ;)
OAR = original aspect ratio. Serenity's 2.35:1, meaning it's wider than your average HDTV screen. Some providers (*coughHBOcough*) tend to chop their films down to make them take up the full screen.
Just noticed this user comment from an R Feldman

"Buffy meets Star Trek - fast moving, funny, clever and entertaining. Gets a bit tedious towards the end, but well worth it. A film to view more than once!"

Could it be Fanty himself?
By the way, it is in OAR (since you ask). One of the shiniest things about it in HD is all the darks, which look much clearer.

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