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July 01 2006

Clash of the Comics Titans. The Washington Post examines the differences between DC and Marvel. Free registration required.

Perhaps iffy as a post, since there are but brief mentions of Astonishing X-men. Still, I thought it was a good read.

Marvel, led by Spider-Man, was a place for the smart but troubled reader, the deeply weird. They loved the night, the underground, accidents in the lab. All that dialogue, so many thought balloons! The heroes always on some emotional ledge, and the hubris of it all -- a grittiness that came with saving the world.

Thanks, that was a good read.
Oh that was a fantastic article, and it captured the spirit of the comic world so greatly. Personally, i'm a Marvel girl. I grew up with Spiderman and X-Men. I'm starting to collect the Civil War series and though I do love Batman, Superman was always too much of a goody two shoes.
I love to read Marvel and Dark Horse. But I love to watch DC.

Other than the occasional Frank Miller-related Batman release, I was never a big DC fan growing up. However, thanks to the Bruce Timm and Paul Dini produced animated series (Batman, Superman, Justice League, etc), I have grown to love all of the DC comics characters. DC has ruled the roost when it comes to animated versions of their franchises. Marvel animated franchises have been hit or miss over the years and more often than not suffer from horrible animation house decisions (latest case in point: Ultimate Avengers).

In the live action realm, Marvel has succeeded in translating their angst-ridden characters to the big screen with only a few minor stumbles. DC seems to be about to follow suit with some great adaptations of their own and Joss gets to be a part of all that.

But when sitting down to read the funny books: make mine Marvel.
Of the great brand-loyalty debates -- Ford or Chevy? John or Paul? Road Runner or Coyote? Newport or Marlboro? Orthodox or Reform? -- only a very few people still sort themselves along one of the narrowest consumer dichotomies of all

He left off Angel vs. Spike.
Hjermsted, have you seen X-Men: Evolution? I certainly admit that DC has got Marvel beat on the animation field, but I thought that was a pretty shiny show.

And the real question remains--The Hulk or the Thing? Who's stronger?
The Hulk is definately way stroner than The Thing. Do you see him in that Ultimate Avengers movie!?

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