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July 01 2006

Only one man can save the budget. Article in the Times about the use of unknown actors in major movies uses Joss's intention of casting an unknown actress as Wonder Woman as an example.

It mentions the unsubstantiated rumours about Pryanka Chopra in the article.

ARGH (at The Times (!), not derf).

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Thank God Joss finally weaned himself off of those A-listers he was so besotted with and looked to the future. Bolly-wood, baby!

I'm not English or all that smart about journalism, but didn't the The Times used to be a real newspaper with fact-checking and stuff?
*just beating my head against a brick wall over here*

TamaraC: here's your prediction of three days ago coming true: from unchecked facts of the IMDB to the world, Let the rumours soar.

I knew it would happen, but am totally amazed that not one single site on the Interent bothers to check the validity of this bunk.
Well, define check!

Do you really think an overworked underpaid professional rumourmonger with a deadline does more than ask other rumourmongers? If it's not relevant to a Pulitzer Piece, that is. At least I hope so.

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I don't think they have Pulitzers in England. I understand your point, which probably applies internationally, but would still like to make the distinction that this is not an Internet outlet, per se, but a actual print broadsheet.
Ouch. Ouch Ouch Ouch.

Why is there no fact-checking at all? Why is a rumor placed as pure fact? Not even a "reportedly" in the sentence!


How exactly did it happen that this board is the only location on the Internet where finding the facts matters? (It's hard out here for truthiness, yo.)
Good one, Simon! :-)
Oh, after the last April 1st rumour about Wonder Woman which went across the entire internet (resulting in the actress getting text messages congratulating her for getting the part from her friends), I have to say it: apparently online publications (and some newspapers) believe anything they read online.
I think it's important that most self-respecting journalists do NOT use Wikipedia (or Wiki anything for that matter) as a source. Thank goodness for people with common sense. This guy, however, was a slave to the entertainment rumor machine.
So, if we start a rumour that Serenity 2 is now in production, and post it around lots of places, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, yes? ;)
So take comfort, Brandon: forget the totally unfounded rumours that they digitally altered your face to make you look more like Christopher Reeve.

(my emphasis)

Oh, the irony ;).

Agreed about Wikipedia. It's a good idea, maybe even a great one but it's by no means authoritative (same applies to IMDB, AICN etc.). That said, 'The Times' is considered authoritative and look at the standard of information they provide so i'm not sure how much meaning 'authoritative' has anymore (i've seen 'The Guardian' spread unsubstantiated rubbish in print as well though I can't remember exact details since it was years ago but it was a fairly well known internet hoax reported as fact even though just checking or somewhere similar would've shown it to be bunk. Very lazy journalism).

So, if we start a rumour that Serenity 2 is now in production, and post it around lots of places, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, yes? ;)

"My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Joss writing 'Serenity 2: The Wrath of Badger' at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious."

Pass it on.

(and yep, I got the quote to mangle from IMDB, irony upon irony ;)
The real rumor is that the "Wrath of Badger" includes a new hat in every scene!
Truly, it is all about the hats.
He wears the hats. They do not wear him.
And now that the bogus casting negotiations are in the Times and not just on some random filmfan site... it will be submitted here at WHEDONesque another 497282781674 times this coming week.

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it will be submitted here at WHEDONesque another 497282781674 times this coming week.

I think once is enough.
Once for bogus rumours is never enough. I think we should have a yearly Whedon fandom rumour award event.
At least IMDB has now removed the offending item.
Thank god, though we'll no doubt see articles saying "Chopra was considered for the role but in the end was turned down".
And I am afraid to admit I went the way of The Times.

I saw bits and pieces everywhere and thought--"Hmm, so many sources reporting on this..." But until I hear it from Joss' mouth (or his fingers...though from his mouth would also be quite the awesome) I will stay quiet. I'm quite glad my post was deleted before too many people questioned the count of my brain cells. ;)
Well, we're going to have the cast back and also of course Badger's minions. But I suggest Joss gets a cameo as Badger's, Aardvark?
I heard that Jubal Early is now one of Badger's minions. It must be true; I just posted saw it on IMDB myself. ;-)

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You know, for just once I can forgive the non-fact-checking.

I'm still just too amused by the idea of Wonder Woman as a Bollywood musical. :-)

And we're all happy about Serenity 2, of course, but didn't Joss say that he wouldn't stoop to the level of twins or clones to get Alan and Ron back for the sequel? Because apparently there's a character described as 'Wash's brother' in the script. I can guess who's going to play that.
Yep, I agree, it's got to be Morgan Freeman (assuming Kate Beckinsale isn't free, obviously).

What ?
Funny, I had heard it was Wash's sister, but she's still going to be played by Morgan Freeman. Meanwhile, Ben is Glory. ;-)
No matter how hokey it is, it still is a fun article to set the day dreaming in motion for this Hollywood Virgin, stuck on the East Coast! ;)

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