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July 03 2006

Willow hotter than Buffy? Alyson makes the 99 hottest, but where are her ex co-stars?

I don't know many of the other people on this list, and I adore Alyson, but it seems odd that she's the only one to make the cut. And while it's the 2006 edition, it's old enough that Date Movie had not yet been released at time of writing...

Well, my personal opinion is that if only one were to make the cut, Aly is the one.
Amen to that, Joker!
Aly is hot. (And the whole rooting for England thing makes her hotter still). The simpler explanation, though, is that she has the highest profile with HIMYM. None of the others had or has a successful TV series or hit movie out. These lists tend to reflect hotness buzz (and the woeful attention deficit of the average male) more than anything else.
No way. Not imo. Buffy all the way.
Well the 'American Pie' movies are a cut above the 'Scoobie Do' movies, and HIMYM is doing well, so I think Alyson is definitely seen as a star on the rise. I love all my Whedonverse actors, but it does seem like Alyson has the edge at the moment.
Actually this list is kind of ridiculous, I'm surprised that Jessica Alba is number one (over a lot of higher paid and more famous actresses).

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Willow hotter than Buffy?

Yes. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

SMG is pretty and all, but Alyson Hannigan... Mmmm.
OK, this seems a very intelligent poll: the more you show your boobs and chest, the more your are "hot".

That's quite basic...
As a straight female, Alyson has always seemed much better looking than SMG. I don't see why this should surprise anyone.
As a straight male, TamaraC, I'd have to disagree. :) And therein lies the mysterious wonder of attraction.

I'm not sure why this has to turn into an AH v. SMG poll. Can we not celebrate Aly's current preeminence without dissing others?
Yes. As long as everyone acknowleges that Aly's prettier.
Well Alyson is cute and all, and SMG is rather pretty too, but if you're talking about 'hot' Buffy actresses then it's clearly Charisma hands down (even if she gets way too much sun).
Eh, I've always preferred Alyson to the other Buffy-verse characters. I've a thing for cute, smart redheads. :)

But like SNT says, it's about the visibility, not the actual "hotness". I wouldn't get to rilled over it.
In addition to her being really really cute and incredibly pretty, I think the attraction to Aly rather than SMG, for me personally, also stems from the vulnerability of Willow as a character. I just want to give her a great big hug, make her some hot chocolate and generally look after her. I had the same thing for Fred - Joss really tore me up with the way Fred went out.

At various point in those characters lives on the show, you just wanted to be able to reach into the screen, give them a hug and tell them that everything would be alright.

I can't speak for women here but I think a lot of men work this way. A bit of a protective instinct. SMG as Buffy on the other hand, while still vulnerable, had a hard outer shell of tough "I can look after myself" attitude. Which of course was one of the points of the show.
as if willow was the helpless kitten on a tree.
and don't forget amber. amber! amber! amber!
Emma Caulfield would be my choice, and Charisma comes second. The girly thing SMG and Aly have doesn't appeal to me at all.
Well in the spirit of dragging it away from Aly vs SMG, I think Summer Glau, Jewel Staite and Morena Baccarin are all hotter than both of them! ;-)

(Yes I know they weren't actually co-stars of Aly, but hey, they are still hot.)
Well, my personal opinion is that if only one were to make the cut, Aly is the one.

No way, Eliza Dushku is of course the hottest female Whedonverse alumnus.
Isn't Charisma Carpenter part Cherokee ? Which could explain her complexion more than sun exposure (pure speculation, of course, she might camp out on the beach for all I know).

Re: hotness, which I usually associate with straightforward physical attraction, i'd have to say Charisma Carpenter would be my pick (with Emma Caulfield, Eliza Dushku and Amber Benson very close runners up) but the poll is about desirability, a slightly more subtle and mature notion and, in that case, i'd have to go with whomever's got the biggest knockers.

Kidding ;-). It'd probably be SMG narrowly pipping Alyson since they're both gorgeous and seem like pretty interesting people to be around but, from interviews i've seen/read, SMG seems to have a slightly more ironic, sarky edge to her which appeals to me.

That's from the Buffy cast though. If Firefly was included it'd definitely be Morena. Or definitely Gina. Or, y'know, Summer, cute too ;).

Character wise, hmm, not so easy. I like Tara's kindness, compassion and good sense (obviously, i'm talking pre-death here cos afterwards she went right off the rails ;) but Anya's literalness and quirky perspective also really appeals even if she can be thoughtless and mean. I think, on balance, i'd have to go for post-Chosen Faith though. She's together enough to be admirable but flawed enough to grow with and complement. Sarky, cynical, tough, vulnerable, straighforward, gorgeous. And then there's that voice. Girl's got game ;).
Well, Ill throw my vote in for SMG too. Although Morena is quite the lovely woman too. For me, Buffy is the one who I want to jump through the screen and hug, just to help her in some way. She had so much to deal with, and I just love heroes like that. She overcame the bad, and thus, Buffy was always sexy to me.

Well that and SMG had great big knockers for 3 or 4 seasons...

LOL, and like Saje, I am kidding...or am I?

"Can we not celebrate Aly's current preeminence without dissing others?"

LOL, doesnt sound like it...
Yes, she is hotter than SMG.
I think Robia LaMorte is head and shoulders above everyone (with Stephanie Romanov coming a close second). Only Buffy woman I've had a crush on.
I myself have always been an Amber Benson man, though Aly comes in a close second. In fact, if I could have both... oh wait, there's fanfic for that!
I do have great admiration for Joss and/or the casting people's ability to find so many fantastic looking women who are also brilliant actresses. Especially the range of different looks, as this thread has proven, whedonverse shows cater for all tastes. Not sure I could pick my favourite but it was definitely Aly for a time, guess it depends what mood I'm in or what show I'm watching ;)
okay, not only Buffy but every show: Julie Benz (AtS. S.3)
I've always thought that AH had the most gorgeous eyes of any woman I've seen. So, I'd agree with this website even though I suspect that as a straight woman, I am judging her on different things than they are.
This ia no brainer for me.

And it's not a T&A thing with most guys, contrary to popular belief ( is when you're 15).

It is in the eyes.
That is where her appeal lies- big, sweet, and charming.

SMG will always BE Buffy because she managed to portray strength, sexuality (in spite of her reservations about the Spike affair) and emotional wisdom (the look on her face on the last scene of the last episode was priceless and as I think about-- give me goose bumps).

But, as far as raw talent, beauty and charm, EVERY guy I know thinks Aly is by far more interesting.

and IMHO
Amy Acker will go places if she can catch a break with a decent role.
There are a lot of good-looking women in the Whedonverse, aren't there?

Alyson Hannigan is surely the cutest and Robia LaMorte, Gina Torres, Eliza Duskhu and Morena Baccarin are up there.

However, it's definitely Amber Benson for me.
I refuse to compare these women to each other. I think lists like these only make the women who aren't on them feel terrible. I hope someday we will evole as a species as to not judge our own like cattle. It's a long time coming.......if ever.
Wow, I'm loving the different opinions from everyone and that's a credit to all of the Whedonverse women who are both incredibly beautiful and talented.

If it was me and it was between SMG and Aly then Aly all the way. Redheads are just THAT awesome. But I love me some dark features which is why Morena and Eliza would always be the top two.

I can just imagine this thread exploding if the conversation turned to the men of Whedonverse. Not that I'm encouraging it at all...
Congrats to AH for making such a complimentary list. (and I love to see any Buffy and Joss links anywhere on any entertainment site!)

Now the controversy, Charisma in seasons 1-3 was hotter than any full-grown woman playing a high school kid is allowed to be.

A close second is Christina Hendricks. If you were Mal, tell me you wouldn't have let her be Mrs. Reynolds. Just think of the bedroom roleplay.
Charisma Carpenter and Gina Torres are both juicy-looking bad-ass women. A couple of brick houses.
There are a lot of good-looking women in the Whedonverse, aren't there?

A factor I've used to my benefit before- high school guys give you less crap for watching "that hot Buffy chick" than for watching a cool show about fighting the supernatural and being really witty while doing so.
Ah yes, *this* is why Joss writes such strong female characters.

Cuz they're hot.

Though just to throw my 2 cents in, Eliza is probably the only girl from the show I'd go gay for. Aly's adorable, but it's not the same as hot. And if I'm gonna go gay, it's gonna be for a hot chick!
I can see Aly making this list--but it is a combination of currency, name recognition, and appeal, as has been said before.

I really can't think of any of the Whedonverse actresses who aren't charming, beautiful, and talented--each in their own way--even the "bad girls"--Clare, Stephanie, Christina, Julie.

Each qualified observer will have their own preferences, and mine would be Aly, Jewel, Amy, and Summer. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate, say, Amber or Gina, who are nowhere near my short list.
Meh. I'll always find adorableness more attractive than staight out hotness (it's a word, shaddap!). Therein, Fred wins for all time. I'd give Amy Acker a basket full of puppies with ribbons, I would!
Though just to throw my 2 cents in, Eliza is probably the only girl from the show I'd go gay for. Aly's adorable, but it's not the same as hot. And if I'm gonna go gay, it's gonna be for a hot chick!

Ya know I'm not as gripped by such things as apparently most men are but I'd be lying if the visual of my wife 'going gay' with Eliza wasn't entirely without it's appeal.....;)

And yeah for sheer panthery hotness Eliza can't be beat. But let's face it, they're all pretty or they wouldn't be on TV, and they all have their own appeal, or they wouldn't be in Joss' cast.

SNT is right though: these lists are more about who's still in the spotlight than about actual good looks.
Eliza Dushku is my girlcrush. To me, Aly is pretty, but she's not sexy.
Can I just say again that Charisma Carpenter and especially Gina Torres are each a brick house. Mighty Mighty!
What no Amy Acker? How could they NOT have Amy Acker as number one?
She looks like a Goddess I tell ya! A Goddess!
I just found it interesting that Aly was a choice when looking at some of the others. I agree that she's hot, she's just not the same type.
Girlcrushwise, I'm with Simon.
I think SMG was prettier than Aly when the show started, but as Aly matured and SMG got way skinny, I think Aly surpassed her.

I guess this is a silly thing to debate, though, really. They're both beautiful women.

Amy Acker would be my #1 Buffyverse beauty if I had to pick one. Now, if we're expanding it to the whole Whedonverse, I'd go with Morena like a lot of you guys.

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I find Aly adorable, cute, and extremely beautiful. But I don't particularly find her 'hot'. I found myself being more attracted in that way to SMG. Although SMG also has her share of adorable and cute. Although Buffy was certainly hotter in the first five seasons, I always found her unique look to be very attractive, all 7 seasons. But a topic like this is always so subjective anyway.
I have always thought that all the women of Buffy and Angel were beautiful, but in non-traditional ways.

From Drusilla to Tara, they were all very appealing, but none could have been supermodels. Except Lilah. Plus Lilah had the voice, the attitude, the walk, the clothes, I missed her so much when she was gone. Replaced by EVE! Auuurgh.

Anyway, I think that the reason Alyson is on the list and not Sara is because Alyson happens to be in a major hit TV show right now. Plus she just had Date movie and I'd wager the American Pie movies still sell on DVD pretty well.

Is the last thing Sara had out the Grudge? Or am I not remembering something. I know she has been working on a lot of movies but nothing has actually come out yet.
I'm a girl, not gay and IMHO it would be Gina hands down. (If we're talking the whole of Whedonverse) Rare beauty, wonderful figure and just... WOW. I've seen quite a few of the actors in real life, and there Gina still is ahead by miles. Her presence IRL is even more awesome than on screen.

I've asked brother, father, boy-friend and not ONE agrees with me. I don't understand it. They all said WIllow and KAylee. strange. Seemingly I just don't know what men find attractive.
Willow and Kaylee are real girly and sweet and theoretically will need 'protecting'. (Mechanic skill and a willingness to flay the skin off of your enemies while still alive notwithstanding.) Alyson Hannigan and Jewel Staite have that vulnerability in their performance also.

Some men like that. I like Zoe. Have I mentioned shes a Brick House, shes mighty mighty, letting it all hang out? :)
Well, Harpy, I'm a man (OK, it's more correct to say I'm a fanboy), and I say yes, Gina and her brickhouseness ;-) by far!

Really, everyone, on all of Joss' shows, is hot, men and women alike. Joss likes him some pretty! But I agree with SNT way back at the top, that Aly probably was the only Whedonverse woman to make this poll because she has a weekly series right now.

Of course, next year when Standoff is on the air, and this poll comes out again -- Gina, yo! ;-)
Aly? Totally the hottest chick in the Buffyverse. Not even a question.
Had to look up brick-house. Wow, that's one that's changed meaning on its way over the Atlantic. In the UK if you use brick-house (and it's much more commonly brick shit-house) of a person you're saying they're big/sturdy/strong. You'd say a rugby player was 'built like a brick shit-house', you'd never, ever say a woman was, even a stauesque, amazonian warrior woman (in fact, especially then, cos she's gonna clout you ;). Dunno where you'd stand with women rugby players, that could go either way.

(I can see the sense of it though, as in well put together, beautifully proportioned which definitely applies to Gina)
Interesting, Saje. I think I've heard the "brick s***-house" saying, but I'm guessing wouldestous and I are both thinking more of Undercover Brother (so sue me; it's funny, yo!), which had a funky, funky '70s soundtrack. :-)

There was one scene where supervillainess Denise Richards and superheroine Aunjanue Ellis are having a super girlfight in skin-tight vinyl catsuits (which all the male henchmen sit down to watch while eating popcorn, Pepsi, etc.), and wind up in the shower somehow with parts of their costumes ripped away, and suddenly throw down some supermodel/"I'm all wet, so love me" poses *drifts away for a minute* and, anyway, I think the soundtrack song for that scene is Brick House ("she's a brick house, she's mighty mighty, lettin' it all hang out," etc.). Good times.

I'll be in my bunk. ;-)
Saje, I think it meant the same thing on this side of the pond until a song by Rick James (I think it was Rick James) in the 70s changed it to mean a well built woman.
Ah, ta both of you. I think 'Undercover Brother' may have just gone onto my 'rent if there's nothing else in, for a bit of a laugh' list. Strictly for the plot and character explorations, you understand ;).
TamaraC, it was the Commodores. When Lionel Richie was still their lead singer.
If your talking best curves I would go with ED and CC, I think SMG was knockdown sexy in the first 3 seasons of Buffy, when she had the drastic weight loss that she lost her appeal to me, I like curves on a woman, not the twiggy look, I think AH is pretty hot, but I would go with ED or CC with AH in third.
I must agree with the vote towards Aly. 'Course, I've always been crazed by redheads (and I mean that more ways than one).
Popular songs not withstanding, I can't imagine any woman would want to be referred to as any kind of house... :~D

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Oh, I don't know - maybe a cute little Craftsman. I've been called worse.
Yes, 'Brick House' by the Commodores from 1977. A disco/funk/dance classic about an appealing amazon-esque woman. Nothing to do with rugby. :)
Sorry, I sometimes forget that everyone on the internet does not necessarily share my cultural references. Silly me. :)

Gina Torres is way way hotter than Alyson Hannigan. That is my story and I am sticking with it! :)
I am far too mature to play this juvenile "which whedonverse girl is hottest" game. Who am I kidding...i totally wanna play!!

I've asked brother, father, boy-friend and not ONE agrees with me. I don't understand it. They all said WIllow and KAylee. strange. Seemingly I just don't know what men find attractive.

I tend to agree with the men you polled, Harpy. In my humble gay chick opinion, Willow would be my #1 pick, but Ally would not. See, i have super strong, buy my tv flowers kinds of feelings for the character, not the actor. Be advised, I really, really like Ally, but it's definitely Willow that makes me swoon. Do people still swoon, or is that too old-fashioned? I have the same feelings about Kaylee, so maybe it is the sweet, vulnerable sexiness of those characters that makes me giddy. I want to hug them, make them dinner, take care of them, among other things. But there are definitely times when i find Eliza, Emma, Morena, Summer, Clare Kramer and SMG unbelievably attractive. Great job, casting department, for making the incredible stories Joss had to tell extremely well acted and so very pretty to look at (and for making me "go straight" for Spike).
"Yes, 'Brick House' by the Commodores from 1977. A disco/funk/dance classic about an appealing amazon-esque woman. Nothing to do with rugby. :)
Sorry, I sometimes forget that everyone on the internet does not necessarily share my cultural references. Silly me. :)"

"Popular songs not withstanding, I can't imagine any woman would want to be referred to as any kind of house... :~D"

Just for the record, long before the 70's my father, born in 1918 in the Midwest (USA), used to refer to a woman as being "built like a brick out-house" when he was trying to make an emphatic and complimentary point. He was not one to swear (hence "out-house") or to be insulting or crude about women. His explanation of the expression when I asked him about it once, was that a brick out-house would be extravagant and an example of over-building. A woman referred to that way was therefore voluptuous, with an extremely womanly body or not just "built" but super-built. Examples would be Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, and in my father's opinion, my mother. If she had been insulted by it, you can be sure my father would never have used that expression, or maybe even speech, ever again. ;-)

Straight woman here not even close to going gay in this life-time so not qualified to judge the real subject. However, Joss is great at giving us lots of types to pick and choose from, both female and male. (yea!) I can see certain men being attracted to Willow and Kaylee as they are the same type. The same goes for different certain men being attracted to each of the other Whedonverse women. My brother seemed to really go for Anya, for instance.

On the male front I was not surprised when my friend and my mother (two separate people) each seemed to go for Angel. Both liked bigger guys, whereas I go for wiry ones. What surprised me was when my friend also became such a big Spike fan, once she got into the later seasons. I mean she had been the Kirk fan when we were kids. *I* was the Spock fan! ;-)

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newcj, I like the explanation of how "brick (any)-house" came to mean "super built." Definitely, Amazonian. Gina. Yep. *will be in bunk* ;-)

And, Saje, glad to point out the finest moments in movie history for you. Yep, they've got some mighty well explored characters there. Yep. *will be in bunk* ;-)

ETA: Oh, I forgot to mention that Neil Patrick Harris is really hi-larious in Undercover Brother. There's one particular line he does -- well, you'll see it and see what I mean.

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