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July 03 2006

London Convention Report from this past weekend, with Nathan and Alan. "Alan dragged his chair away from his signing table, and used it to climb up to the poster of Nathan above them. Using his pen he drew a rather large and very camp looking mustache on our captains pic."

Hahahaha, that's hilarious. Thanks for the report. Hope the UK Browncoats had a good time!
The excitement level seemed pretty high already. I'm amazed that Nathan felt he had to pump it up even more.
Loved the give and take with the guys.
I think Nathan just likes to start riots.
I REALLY wanted to go to this. Too bad I'm scared to death of flying and couldn't find a babysitter for that long.
Still nice to read about it though.
Alan and Nathan sound like really nice, funny guys. No wonder we love' em so much. Plus, Alan Tudyk is just...thud

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They grafitti'ed each other's pictures? Hi-larious! As I always say -- these guys crack me up. (I started wishing again that I had been able to see Alan in Spamalot!) Thanks for the link, RavenU!
Great report! Thanks for sharing it with us, RavenU.
Yes, thank you SO much for sharing this. I love when people give detailed accounts like this. It makes the rest of us able to imagine we were there.

Much LOVE!
Anyone else having trouble connecting to FireflyFans?
The "link" doesn't take me anywhere at all. Could someone direct me to the right place please?
Seems to be working at my end but has had connection problems of late so give it another try in a bit.

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