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July 03 2006

David Boreanaz nominated for a Teen Choice Award. Boreanaz is nominated for his work on 'Bones' in the 'TV - Choice Actor' category. Voting is currently underway, and winners are annouced August 20.

Nice. Happy to see so many Veronica Mars noms, too, for once.
It looks like Veronica Mars only got 2 nominations... and none for Best TV show?
They wait for Superman Returns to be released so they could nominate it. It's telling how much weight these awards hold. Brandon Routh is dreamy.
I'm too old to vote!
Maybe I'm blind but I can't see a mention of David's name on the nominee page.
He probably was Simon, at first, but then Fox played "Six Degrees of David Boreanaz" and Joss' name came up too quickly.
I had to pretend to be 13 to register (oh I suffer for my art) but yes David Boreanaz is on the voting page for the Teen Choice Awards (just not the nominee page).

Which is all very odd as according to The Washington Post, the median age of people who watch Bones is 44.
I think it's more or less because teenage girls think DB is hot. Which he is -- but it doesn't mean they actually watch Bones. Which I doubt they do.
Nebula1400: Oh... well, it seems a lot compared to the zero noms at the Emmy's and other award shows, hehe. But I was disappointed it wasn't nominated for Best Drama.

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Oy, I can't figure out who half thesse nominees are! Is there some way to skip?

EDIT:Okay, what's a "Choice Grill"?

EDIT2: For anyone who's interested, Zac Efron (young Simon in firefly) is nominated for Choice Breakout Star.

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Good for David.
I know of many teenage girls who watch Bones, myself included.
The Washington Post writers - and all the dumb marketing people forget that "44" is a fictional number - an average of the many ages of the millions of Bones watchers. Many of them are teens, and also many are grown ups. What they share in common - amongst other things is good taste in actors/hot guys.
Ah, statistics. At first 44 seemed pretty high, but then I remembered how many baby boomers there are out there. We will probably keep skewing the averages for many years to come.

Actually, I have this vision of generations sitting together, or more likely totally separate, watching Bones. All you would need would be 16 yr olds each watching with a 72 year old grandparent or great grand parent and you would never even have to have any one in between watch.
BTW, on the subject of statistics and ages, happy birthday, newcj! :-)
Thanks billz. If the statisticians are paying attention to me, I guess all the numbers just ticked up slightly higher. ;-)

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