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July 04 2006

Celebrate Independence Day with Adam Baldwin. Not in person, sadly. But don't forget his excellent portrayal of Major Mitchell in this 1996 film. What better way to spend the holiday than by sitting back and watching Earth That Was get invaded?

Tip: Watch the Special Edition if you can. More character development scenes are included, a few things make more sense, and there's a bit more explanation of how a cable guy interfaced his laptop with an alien computer.

And don't forget his role as that durn traitor in "The Patriot."

It's an Adam Baldwim/America double feature!
Or the episode of NCIS (season 1 on DVD) which Adam plays a marine in the same episode Julie Benz also guest stars.
there's a bit more explanation of how a cable guy interfaced his laptop with an alien computer.

It's the last great sci-fi blockbuster.
I still remember seeing ID4 on the big screen on July 4 the year that it came out. Fun times...
Yeah, me too Screwtape.
I saw it at the CineramaDome in Hollywood. 1996? Damn. It was that long ago?
Time flies....
Just watched this recently--it's weird looking back. Vaguely misogynistic, the effects weren't nearly as good as my sixteen-year-old self thought they were, and hey, kids! Smoking is way cool!

Gotta love the Brent Spiner cameo, though. And Adam acquits himself well.
Simon said:
It's the last great sci-fi blockbuster.

I dunno. Serenity springs to mind, and to a lesser extent the superhero films.
I went to the opening with a bunch of cowboys - literally (I was working as the only female horse wrangler at the time). I remember they all jumped and screamed like girls at the Spiner cameo :)
I've made a tradition out of watching ID4 every July 4th. I also call it my "sprinter" movie because the first time I saw it in the theater I was so engrossed in the action that when it was over I "sprinted" to.....guess where?
LOL, Charliegirl!

Sharin' the ID4/Spiner cameo love. When he got possessed by the alien -- creepy good fun! I think that's why Threshold failed -- Brent needed to have the crazy long hair on that show, too! ;-)

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