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July 04 2006

Another Wonder Woman Rumor. Another idea of someone Joss is considering... (actually it's not, it's a false rumour - Simon).

Mods, SOMEONE has to leave one of these stories up, so it can be visibly debunked, and stay debunked. Please?

This is what, the 8th time this has showed up here?

In all seriousness, I am thinking a 'probably false rumours' section would be awesomeness. History has shown that publishing a story like this and clearly marking it as a rumour means 50 other sites just copy it as fact.
Oh come on, we all known its going to be Nathan. Or Joss himself. Or both of them playing the Wonder Twins... ah I mean the Wonder Women...

No seriously, I think we´ll get a hundred more of these articles before the real one will come out. So we all we can do is wait- more or less patiently.
I think it's time for a moratorium on wonder woman casting rumours. It's way too hot right now to be moderating websites.
It's slightly less hot here. But I've added an amendment to the subject line.

As to why it's false well it came from the IMDB Wonder Woman page and that page has subsequently removed the details. As guess what? It's false. And blogs and websites have jumped on this rumour without any fact checking at all. It's utterly pathetic that no one has bothered to say "hey I wonder if this is correct". But no. Gossip and rumour must prevail because that gets more page hits.

For more details, see this previous Whedonesque thread.
"Sunnydale-born filmmaker"?

The writing on these sites is so appalling, it's almost impossible to tell if that's a joke or the person involved actually believes Mr. W was born in Sunnydale.

Frankly, these days, my money is on the latter.

When people start giving entertainment journalism a bad (worse) name, you know the Apocalypse is nigh.
Now IMDB trivia says Morena Baccarin rejected the lead role?
You're Glory? Wait, so we're saying Clare Kramer is playing Wonder Woman?
I've decided that from now on the only Wonder Woman type news I will believe is when Joss posts it here himself...Hint Hint Hint!
More than likely the announcement will come via Variety or the Hollywood Reporter. Though where did it get officially announced that Brandon Routh and Christian Bale were playing Superman and Batman? There was lots of speculation before hand but who first officially announced the castings?
I think that was one of the two you named, Simon. Unless I'm completely wrong?

Eh. This rumour is starting to bug, lol.
I couldn’t care less who ends up playing WW.
The most important thing is that she can act. Until I hear it from JW's mouth I wont believe anything I read.
After all if JW thinks who ever its going to be can play the part that’s all that counts for me.

By the way I have been waiting for quite a considerable time to register and due to my recent VM obsession I missed the last registration period.
I cannot tell you guys, the joy I felt when I realised I could register today and look forward to posting on a regular basis.
Can you post a new stitch that states not to post any Wonder Woman casting news, if you believe it to be real please forward to the mods and they will post the news when confirmed.
I seriously love that moviehole (how cunning) identified Joss as "Sunnydale-born" -- this so works for me. It's kindof a self-referential dither. I hope to see this repeated throughout the 'net as widely and quickly as possible. There probably is an alternate 'verse in which Joss was born in Sunnydale.

I second Shiny4JW's emotion -- been trying to achieve membership for quite a time & gaining it at 1:00a.m. today -- many thanks. Unlike Groucho, I always want to belong to any club that won't accept me as a member.
I cannot tell you guys, the joy I felt when I realised I could register today and look forward to posting on a regular basis.

I declare thee, Whedonesque day!
Rats, it's false? I was delighted when I heard this rumour last week; it sounded very Joss. Since he said (somewhere) that what interested him about Wonder Woman was her outsider status, her feeling that she really doesn't belong in this world and somehow has to figure out how it works and how to fit in, it would make perfect sense to hire a non-Western non-Hollywood actress to convey that. So it may be an unconfirmed rumour, but I'm still rooting for Priyanka or someone like her.
Wee! Another internet rumour! again! :P
Second all those that said to wait until Joss himself speaks out or some respectable newsagency. Jeez...
I have complete trust in Joss casting the right woman (or man, if it's Nathan or Adam...)

Edit: Or, maybe Alan...

[ edited by Garim on 2006-07-04 21:56 ]
I doubt Morena would turn down the role, considering she has said at many fan panels and other places that she would be thrilled to play Wonder Woman.
Carmencita, you are right to doubt. One of the sites that reported the false rumor about Chopra speculated that Morena must have turned down the role since she was Joss' favorite. So of course other sites picked that up as fact along with the Chopra casting.

*still banging my head against a brick wall over here*
I am not ready to believe anything yet. I have seen some of Priyanka Chopra's films and she's good, but Wonder Woman? I don't know. I don't like Biel much either. I guess I'm still holding out for Morena Baccarin.

I too, like someone above, have been missing the registration for months, almost a year. Yay, finally I'm here!
Latino Review broke the casting news on Brandon Routh.
If something is true it'll most likely be confirmed within a few weeks. This stupid rumor has been around for a few months.
When you look back at past Wonder Woman posts on Whedonesque (just click on "Wonder Woman" under the headline), these are the actresses that have made it as far as "in consideration" for the role:

* Satu Rautaharju
* Mischa Barton
* Ben Affleck
* Evangeline Lilly
* Katie Holmes
* Cameron Diaz
* Kate Beckinsale
* Lindsey Lohan
* Nadia Bjorlin
* Kathrine McPhee
* Priyanka Chopra

And that's without looking at the links; just the headlines. It also does not take into account the numerous polls, or any IMDb profile page updates, or what Joss has said about Morgan Freeman.

The point I'm getting at is that this isn't the first "strong" rumor and it definetly won't be the last.
eddy, this rumor has only been around a little over a week. It just seems longer.
All this speculation is starting to feel a bit one-dimensional. I propose some speculation on the speculation.

For instance, I heard that this rumour really has the hots for the one from 'The Times' but that they can't go public because the Film Junk rumour is known to be almost psychopathically jealous and has long held a torch for Moviehole (or 'my little holey-woley' as it refers to it). I have it on reliable authority that this is a cast iron fact in all but name and actuality.

(FYI, IMDB, it's that last bit you need to leave off when reporting this ;).
I saw a woman today who looked perfect for WW. Does this mean Joss will now (according to IMDB) be casting a random pedestrian?
Nah, Tamara, I saw this stuff posted on boards long ago but it was just brushed off as "publicist tryin to get actress' name out". Just like Nadia Bjorlin. Not on whedonesque I mean, but other sites. It wasn't until IMDB put it up that all the news sites started putting it up too.
Yep Browncoat, and in a maverick casting decision Joss is having all the rumoured WWs play random pedestrians in the film. It's this willingness to take risks that makes him great.
Simon, your link doesn't work.
Dear God, not Ben Affleck! Take Matt Damon, but Ben Affleck is like a brick wall!

[ edited by Browncoat on 2006-07-05 00:52 ]
Like an infinite amount of monkeys on keyboards, given enough time, just about every Hollywood actress will be "strongly rumored" to have the lead role of Wonder Woman. :)
here here shiny! i too have missed every reg. session for as long as i have been visiting this site...and i am so very excited that today i caught it! thanks one and all for a great site...the only joss/buffy related site i visit on a regular basis.
With this amount of speculation on who may end up with the role, I can only imagine the degree of comment when we find out who actually gets the gig!
I'd be fine with Ben Affleck except for that he's the Daredevil, so he's blind like a bat. So, maybe Christian Bale? No, wait: Adam West! That man can make ANY costume look like a million dollars. So, Clint Eastwood for Superman? Yeah, I think it'd be fun to see Kevin Spacey make cucumber salad out of Dirty Harry. So, the line-up is Jodie Berry as Catwoman, Adam West as Dirty Harry, Clint Eastwood as Superman and Ben Affleck is still Daredevil, so he's blind and Milla Jovovich as Wonder Woman but dressed in UltraViolet... I'm feeling confused.
Actually, to make up for what happened to the beloved character 'Wash' in Serenity, Joss has promised the Wonder Woman role to Alan Tudyk.
I think that Whedonesque should be the first place to hear who is playing Wonder Woman.

Joss could grant us with an exclusive, if the studio permits of course.
They must have taken the article down because when I click on the link it doesn't come up.
Can you post a new stitch that states not to post any Wonder Woman casting news, if you believe it to be real please forward to the mods and they will post the news when confirmed.

RavenU, this is a genius idea!! I vote yes to RavenU's suggestion! :-)

Hi, all you newbies! Please let your first action as a new Whedonesquer be to stop all casting rumors from spreading! Yikes, if I hear one more fake story about this, I'll just go mental (esp. since I know that Morgan Freeman is already wearing the WW costume when he walks around the house -- oops, was that a secret? ;-)).

Although this story about Ms. Chopra is false, I still want to post about Ibowman's comment that casting her would be sticking to the idea of Wonder Woman as an "outsider." It's an interesting point, but, IMO, Ms. Chopra is a star in the largest movie industry in the world. There are many more people who "look like" her than are European-looking. Whether a woman from India (which I believe has a populaton many times larger than the U.S.) would be considered an outsider just because she's not American/American-"looking" would depend on where you're from. True, Priyanka would look different than, say, any of the Jessicas (please, please, let them only pose for stills the rest of their lives, because IMO that's what they're all really best at!), but I think it's important to remember that "outsider" status depends on who you think the "insiders" are! /politically correct rant ;-)

Actually, to make up for what happened to the beloved character 'Wash' in Serenity, Joss has promised the Wonder Woman role to Alan Tudyk.

LOL! A new rumor is born! Good one, AmazonGirl! :-)
I'd like to confirm the rumor that I will be portraying one of Wonder Woman's breastplates.
I won't believe anything until Captain Purple tells us himself.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2006-07-05 04:14 ]
I will also be portraying Wonder Woman's panties.
Wow, SpikeBad, you really like Morgan Freeman.
It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it.
I'm 5' 8", brunette, and met Joss once, so clearly the role must be mine! Yippee!
C'mon, you know this is the role that Danny DeVito was born to play!


Or hey, Billie Piper's just freed up. :D
I made it into the club, guys! You know whose name I haven't heard mentioned for Wonder Woman? Verne Troyer. What's up with that? Type-casting is what.
Hmmm the article has been removed. Such is the power of Whedonesque?

ETA: Having checked Whedonesque's email account, Clint at emailed us to say that yes he removed the link. He was only relaying the Wonder Woman goss. He's a very nice man btw, big fan of all things Whedon.

I'll change the link to the site where he got the info from.

[ edited by Simon on 2006-07-05 08:21 ]
Simon, the link now leads to a story about She (whatever that is).
Oh this is just taking the piss now, the article was there 10 minutes ago. I'll change the link from Hollywood North Report to another site.
If every site you link to starts deleting the story I'll be perfectly happy.
I'm with you there TamaraC. This is funny - the latest link is now unobtainable too.
Killing false rumours, another reason why Whedonesque is the best, although isn't actually stamping out false rumours instead of spreading them against some internet law or something ?
jpr: yep, that's why we're such rebels here at Whedonesque... living on the raggedy edge and all.

I'll be glad when the role is cast and we don't have to hear about the casting "process" (not that any of this was actually part of the process) again.
Sadly three in a row seems to be asking too much, the link is still there. However, I will now use Whedonesque's new found power for something else ummm no more Charmed, The WB to disappear, get Hex cancelled, Astonishing X-Men to go montly as of September and Drive to get picked up.
Ah well, when I tried earlier (several times before my last post) it wouldn't let me in - I got a screen telling me something along the lines of 'the server may be down'.
Its up again.
to add to Simon's list...
Veronica Mars and The Closer broadcast in Canada at the same time as they are in the US
Well done, Simon! We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty! ;-)
Just to head off any potential rumors, Priyanka Chopra is not in negotiations to star in Goners, either.

I heard Priyanka Chopra is drawing the season 8 comics...
I am just curious as to whether anybody has told Morena she turned down WW. 'Cause I'll bet she kicks herself for doing that when she finds out.
Well, and since now Jewel is making "me! me!" jumping up and down motions about WW, I think it's time for rumours about her. Besides the one where she and Joss are married, I mean.
newcj, I got that removed from IMDB.
Well, thanks for leaving it up regardless if it's a rumor Simon, it'll probably cut down on the reposting of it ad nauseum. And the discussion of why it's false and some of the other false rumors is at least nice to catch up on if for nothing more than speculation and entertainment purposes.

I suppose the fact that there is so much buzz about it at least shows that people out there are interested, and that can hardly be a bad thing.
Good for you TamaraC. It is nice to know that change is indeed possible. ;-)
I submitted a correction to IMDB as well, but in my browser it still says she rejected the role. ??
Succatash, you are right. It is still there. I assumed it was deleted because it was no longer on the front page. I'm a dummy.
Hopefully they will get to it soon.
Well we could always go back to this rumor instead.
Arg. The false Morena trivia is more annoying to me than the Priyanka Chopra rumor. Joss is going to read that and give Morena the silent treatment, and she won't even know why.
I think it's safe to assume Joss doesn't believe most of what he reads on the internet, well at least when it comes to rumours about his friends. I've heard some rumours that VikingPrincess3 is about to be cast as Wonder Woman and I'm sure everyone who reads that will just have to believe it.
LOL, Paul_Rocks! It must be VikingPrincess3's pretty curly red hair that won the role! ;-)
Well as the recent thread on Aly showed, lots of people do love red-heads ;)

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