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July 05 2006

Birthday Thread for Summer Glau! Your chance to wish Summer Glau a Happy Birthday!

On Summer's Forum on her Official Website you can leave her a Birthday Message for her upcoming Birthday. So go there and spread the love ;)

Happy birthday, Summer! :-D
Changed link to permanent URL, and her birthday is on the 24th. But I gather she does read the forum.
Ah, well...happy EARLY birthday, Summer...
Huh. She's only 2 days older than me.
Happy Birthday Summer!
Happy happy, Summer! :)
Happy (early) birthday Summer!
Happy Birthday, Summer! You're amazing. =D
Happy almost birthday, Summer!
Happy pre-birthday, Summer! We'll probably say hi again on your Big Damn Birthday! ;-)
Happy sort-of-getting-there-but-not-quite-yet birthday Summer! =)
Happy Birthday, Grounded! (And Summer!)
A very happy birthday to you, Summer!
Happy Birthday, and may you be even more lovely in the years ahead. (and Joss, get her to be whatever movies/TV shows you'll be doing)
Happy Birthday Summer!

We Leo's have to stick together. Not literally, though I wouldn't mind. ;)
I just wanted to say to folks that Summer won't see these messages here necessarily but she will be checking her forum around her birthday if you want to post over there. Thanks for the good wishes though!
Mine's on the 26th and Summer's very welcome to share my cake.
Celebrating a quarter century of your presence on Earth That Is Until We Use It Up, Summer!

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