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July 05 2006

Astonishing X-men nominated for the Wizard Fan Awards including Joss for 'Favorite Writer'. Voting for these awards is now open.

John Cassaday has also been nominated for his pencilling, and Kitty Pryde as "Favourite Female Hero". I think Kitty's nomination is wonderful news, as Joss has done tremendous things with her character.
And colorist Laura Martin and letterer Chris Eliopoulos are nominated as well, although only their work on Ultimates 2 is mentioned.

Voted for AXM people in lots of categories, though having to chose between Joss and (the far more prolific in comics) Ed Brubaker was very painful.

And what happened to the 'Comics Greatest Moment' category? Usually just terrific fun to see what's nominated, but this year, I find none of them all that great.
I don't really read alot of comics, so most of the talented nominees flew over my head. To me it was really just a bunch of names with Joss Whedon and Veronica Mars sticking out.
I read quite a few comics every week but not that many that I read were nominated so I didn't vote in many categories. Nice to see Arrested Development and Veronica Mars in there though, they both got my vote.
Voted for Veronica Mars, too. :-)

Surprised not to see BSG in either TV show or DVD category, though.
Ugh...Wizard. All of their "best moments" and "best villains" were the worst moments and villains of the year.
Well in Wizard's defence, they did give a big list of things for fans to choose from and fans could write in their own best moment etc. So those moments on this ballot are basically what the fans chose.

Relevant Whedonesque thread.
Good point, Simon. But Wizard mostly publishes things about Marvel and DC super-heroes, so of course their fans will choose the biggest super-hero events, regardless of quality.
Yeah, they have a huge bias towards superhero stuff but then so do most comics readers so the poll probably does reflect mainstream tastes (and personally I thought the murder of Ted Kord had some power to it, i'd never read Blue Beetle but the previous 20 or 30 pages had really made me care about the character).

I agree it's a pity there wasn't mention of say Warren Ellis or Brian Wood though (really enjoying Ellis' 'Fell' and 'Nextwave' and Wood's 'DMZ' and 'Local') but Ellis at least was on the original options ballot and didn't make the final list due to popular un-demand which Wizard can't really be blamed for (though it maybe wouldn't kill them to have a 'Favourite Indie' category or something similar).

(and I 'had' to vote for 'Ex Machina' over AXM. For shame ! Sorry boss ;)

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