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July 05 2006

Jewel updates her journal. Dear Roj has been updated, relating the challenges of filming "The Tribe" in Costa Rica.

If you're a Toronto local, look for her at TT20 this weekend (July 7-9).

(slight wording edit to add period/full stop -zeitgeist)

I second the vote for Jewel as Wonder Woman! ^_^

(Is it me, or does she drink a lot? =D )
I guess that depends on how much you drink and how you define "a lot"...
Plus, all you really know is that she has a drink while updating her journal and drinks in anecdotes related by her, or claims to... I could claim that Simon is twelve feet tall, breathes fire, and is powered by the blood of supermodels and you just don't know for sure (he is, call the police!).
They survived through me. Where was I? Oh yeah crouching down so I don't hit my head on the ceiling.
Ah, so the gold of Simon's signature is actually from the flames. Now I see!
Looking forward to seeing Jewel this weekend!
Sounds like there's this "The Descent" thing going on with that movie. I'm actually getting a little bit anxious to see what's up with it. Good on you Jewel for conquering those fears! Next up, go try out that bike, it won't bite. Probably not atleast.
Jewel writes a wonderful blog. She's a great, warm, human person. I admire her so much.
Oh, I always love seeing her updates. She is so positive and fresh. I hope she keeps getting work. *waves* at JS if you ever lurk here!
Wow, I just missed her! Well, by a few days and a few kilometres. [waves to Jewel!] Hope the movie turns out well!
Looking forward to seeing The Tribe. I just love Jewel, as much as you can love someone you've never actually met and haven't even bothered to stalk.
Gosh, you got to love Jewel! What a wonderful person and a fine actress. Can't wait to see her on the screen again.
LOL about Jewel feeling like WW! (Let the next rumor begin -- not! ;-))

Her letters to Roj just *rock*. Her descriptions are hi-larious, and she sounds like such a fun person, you just want to hang out with her. In a totally non-stalker way, I swear! ;-)

Thanks for the link, dpwac!
She's got a real way with the funny. And the lovely. And the cute for that matter. I'll be watching out for the film appearing at some point.

(and I don't think one Martini qualifies as a lot unless it's one of those giant ones designed for fire breathing, twelve foot tall, super-model de-sanguinators ;)
Also, after all the gross-out stuff she went through in Costa Rica, the woman deserves a martini, yo! ;-)
Saje - Thank goodness someone had the guts to use a phrase like "supermodel de-sanguinators". Stay tuned, kids, next time I'm going to try to get someone to use the word defenestration :)

billz - at least one, right?
Well, y'know how it is zeitgeist, sometimes someone just has to step up to the plate. Or to paraphrase some speech by some old dead dude, 'Never in the field of human phraseology was so little, owed by so many, to so me' ;-).
*loves Jewel*
Just reading about exotic bug bites that come complete with larvae makes me want a drink! Still a tad early over here, unfortunately. Congrats to Jewel for facing her fears and being proud of herself. What the hell, I propose a toast. To our favorite greasy, girly, bug-swatting, snake-fighting mechanic! (at least there were no SNAKES ON THE PLANE, Jewel ;)
Nice turn of phrase there, Saje ;) Very StrongBad of you!
"Stay tuned, kids, next time I'm going to try to get someone to use the word defenestration :)"

Strange that you should pick that particular word, Zeit, since necessary defenistration happens here more often than any of us would like...

...and that it in that sense it is kind of a pun. I mean people are sometimes swiftly expelled from the site, which, since we are on computers, could be thought of as being thrown out of a window. Of course even if you tried to get someone to use that word you know you would never actually succeed.

My goodness you do get on strange tangents, Zeit. Good thing the rest of us are here bring you back to earth. ;-)
But do we really want to bring them down to earth, newcj? Strange - and intelligent - tangents are one of the reasons I enjoy this site so much.

And having met Jewel a couple of times in casual social settings, I have found her (and Matt) to be charming and always ready to laugh. Of course we were at events where Matt was doing his sketch comedy so I guess the latter would be a given. But though some of the sketches were on the bizarre side, there was no defenestration taking place. Satisfied, zeitgeist? ;-)
Very StrongBad of you!

Had to google this which lead to here which lead to here which almost lead to a soggy Cornflakes/keyboard interface scenario ('Not trueities' may be a contender for my new 'most way overused phrase' phrase ;).

Luckily, i'd actually planned not to do any work tomorrow, instead spending the time furtively watching hilarious flash shorts with one finger hovering over the boss button. Really. It's on my calender and everything.
It's all about the Homestarr Runner! ;-)

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