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July 06 2006

60 second interview with Tony Head. He gets loads of chewing gum from Buffy fans! And he's appearing in a Woody Allen film with Hugh Jackman. As you'd expect there's much Tony love for Joss and Buffy. This interview will be a little bit spoilerish for non-UK fans as there's a brief discussion of his Doctor Who guest role.

Wow, Woody Allen film.......great!!!!!!!
I always love interviews with ASH. He comes across as such a genuinely nice person, and I love the work he and Sarah do for animals. He's so generous in his actions and in his statements about others with whom he has worked. He seems to be a good role model of how to be a good person and a good citizen.
What a darling man. And yes, so generous to others in his interviews. Sexy, too. Lucky Sarah. . . .

Still hoping for Ripper. I just never give up. . . .
Do you really think he said "I’ve been getting sent loads of the stuff. It’s done with the nicest of intentions, though."?
The Woody Allen film he's talking about is Scoop, right?
I'm very excited that Tony Head's career seems to be moving onto the fast track these days. He has been in some big projects that have gotten some recognition, and now the Woody Allen film is going to be a very nice credit for his resume (I'll be sure to go see it).
SangChaud: I still hope for 'Ripper' someday, too. Actually he is becoming such a well known star in Great Britain that maybe someone will think about reviving that idea!
That Woody film has Scarlett Johansson in it.....she's gorgeous.
I really want to see Scoop. especially now!
Of all the men in Whedonverse, I can't make up my mind who I would marry if he could be cloned (they're all pretty): Joss the creator, or Tony Head. It's really a toss up and anyway, I'll be dead before the science is ever perfected. It looks like his new U.S. TV series Him and Us (he plays an aging rock star), or at least the pilot, has been filmed but no idea what the status is. How will he cope with being parted from his family again should the show be successful? I miss him terribly and would love to see him on a regular basis again in a project, but hope our gain is not his personal loss.
I'll be dead before the science is ever perfected

Ah, but then they could clone you, see ? OK, there's the whole personality transplant issue to overcome but I reckon we'll have managed that by about the year bajillion (ish).

'Him and Us' wasn't picked up, BTW. Kim Cattrall speculated that America may not have been quite ready for it though of course it's always possible it just wasn't very good (though I suspect ASH would've been great in it, as usual).
but I reckon we'll have managed that by about the year bajillion (ish).

Dang, there's always a flaw in the system. Would someone get on that right now, please? I'll give you ... oh! there's gum in my pocket.

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