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July 06 2006

Georges Jeanty has something to say about "Buffy" Season 8 comics. A few words about his work and about not being a fan before starting to work on the series.

Joss read Bishop: The Last X-Man? Cool. I think that was some of Georges's best work as well. He and Joe Harris--the writer--took what could have been just another X-Men title too many and made it something really unique.

The comments here inspire confidence. Looking forward to it even more, now.
Dark Horse would love to have it for the holidays, and I think it would be perfect for Halloween

They aren't the only ones who'd love it then.
He's only seen seasons 6 and 7, quick somebody send seasons 1 through 5 to show him how great the show can really be.
Just what I was thinking, derf. ...Though S7 is one of my favorites, S6 is definitely my least favorite.
I think what he says about likenesses is pretty interesting. Makes me wonder if some of the other tie-in artists have deliberately stylised their stuff to give it a less static feel (or maybe i'm being a bit too generous).

And a Halloween release would indeed be perfect (well, actually perfect would be Joss saying '52 ? Only one a week ? Pfft. Amateurs' but a Halloween release would be cool too ;).
I guess they sent him stuff from Seasons 6 & 7 because that's how they want to see the actors/characters look. And best for the artist to get some idea of the context for Season 8, rather than distant past continuity which doesn't really have bearing on his art.
They maybe should've given him Angel Season 5 too?
They maybe should've given him Angel Season 5 too?

Without knowing exactly what it will contain, I'm suspecting that would be less important. Spike and Angel are both in Season 7 Buffy. And I doubt Illyria will be dropping by in Buffy Season 8...
Aren't Spike and Angel verboten since they're more Angel characters (now) and that license is on IDW or whatever now? It'd be like the WB and UPN thing all over again...

Also, I've always actually liked this guy's work even though I never knew to associate it with him. While to me at least, it's not as distinct stylistically as JC's pencils on Astonishing-- or uh, Quietly even though he hasn't worked with Whedon--it's still very clear and competent,and is dynamic enough that I'd like to see him take on Buffy and the like. The artists they get for Buffy always seem a bit too dark for my tastes.
Georges is a great guy. I met him several years ago and got to chat for quite awhile. I'm so very happy that he has gotten this opportunity! I must agree that he is good choice for this project. :D

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