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July 06 2006

Kane and Tudyk's 'Into The West' gets Emmy nods. Up for 16 awards -- the most this year. Battlestar Galactica , Hannigan's 'How I Met Your Mother', Goddard and Ackers' 'Alias' and Glau's 'Mammoth' also make the noms. Oh, and Fury's 24 got 12 noms.

You forgot Christian Kane had the bigger part in the epic than Alan did.

For the complete list of noms goto The Emmys

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With a handful of exceptions, I thought the nominations were pretty horrifying again this year. The one interesting nomination I found was a nomination for “Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series” for Christian Clemenson who played Jerry “Hands” Espenson, a character named after our very own Jane by the "Boston Legal" writers.

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I think its slightly over the top to say Espensons' Battlestar when she hasn't written her ep yet, but I'll let you get away with it... this time! ;) Should've known they would get noms in costuming, sound, and vfx, but no others. Welcome to the sci-fi- fantasy ghetto...
Let us not forget Magistrate Higgins - aka Gregory Itzin - nominated for his marvelous turn as President Charles Logan in 24!
Yeah the Espenson thing would only be relevant for next season so I nixed it. Mammoth got a nom? Holy crap!


I am sorely disgusted that ___________ did not get a nomination for best Drama Series. ___________ was superb in it and why didn't _____________ get a nomination for their guest role in ____________? The Emmy committee are so behind the times.
It'll be pretty funny if South Park's "Trapped in the Closet" wins. Family Guy'll probably take it though. It does my heart good to know that Futurama will have a chance at being one of the nominees next year once new episodes air.

Looks like the only thing Big Love might get is "Outstanding Casting". Oh, best main title design too, not much competition in that category.

Peter Krause (Six Feet Under) needs to win for best actor, but if he doesn't I hope it goes to Denis Leary on Rescue Me. Much as I like 24, Kiefer'll probably have plenty more opportunities to win, and hasn't he already? Maybe it was a Golden Globe I'm thinking of. I liked Christopher Meloni as Keller on Oz and playing funny in Wet Hot American Summer, but I can't stand the Law & Orders so I can't root for him. I've seen SVU Haven't gotten into The West Wing yet, but I'll assume that everything people say about Martin Sheen is true and that he did good.

I guess Frances Conroy for Lead Actress in a Drama?

Anything Arrested Development or Entourage in the comedy departments is good. Even though I haven't been watching these past couple seasons, Scrubs wins are welcome too.

Haven't seen any of the other nominations in the Guest Actor on a Drama category, so Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond on Lost for the win? Yeah, he did a good job.

Hmm, Joanna Cassidy or Patricia Clarkson, both on Six Feet Under, as best guest actresses in a drama...I guess I'd pick Cassidy's Margaret Chenowith over Clarkson's Aunt Sarah. Aunt Sarah could be real annoying at times, while Brenda's mom was a lot more multifaceted.

Don't watch House (maybe on DVD?), The West Wing (probably some day), or Grey's Anatomy (no way, despite having Sandra Oh on board), so it's down to 24 or The Sopranos for Best Drama for me. I did see this past Season 6 Part A of The Sopranos, but I'm two seasons behind on 24. I almost wanna give it to 24 'cause I bet it was better than this sometimes dragging year of Sopranos.

Hope Six Feet Under's series finale wins for best directed drama. Didn't even expect to see that one on the list, feels like it ended so long ago. Shame it isn't up for best drama, seeing as its fifth and final season was a strong one and it was far better than The Sopranos. Hopefully it'll win out over Lost, Sopranos, and Grey's for best writing as well.

Man, I need two of me. I've successfully cut back on how much TV I watch and how often I indulge, but there's so much I still wanna watch and the list of TV-on-DVD offerings that I'm curious about is growing faster than I can get through them.
I am always reminded of the brilliant family film of the same name ('Into the West') starring Gabriel Byrne...

Still, I hope AT wins!
And David Fury's 24 is up for 12 nominations :) I too hope that Six Feet Under's finale get some kind of recognition as one of the most beautiful hour of TV ever produced... I still have goosebumps just thinking about the last 10 minutes of the show!
Fury's 24 should actually be the show name. Really.

Also, thank you to whoever fixed my pathetic attempt at grammatical correctness (or incorrectness) in the subject line. I tried, I failed, then I ate waffles.
I was sort of disappointed with the lack of nominations from UPN and WB shows. I thought this was supposed to be the year when they were recognized *cough* VERONICA MARS *cough*? All that got nominated was Everybody Hates Chris - 2, Supernatural - 2 and Smallville - 1.
I just don't understand how "House" can be nominated for Best Drama, and yet Hugh Laurie -- who elevates that show from barely fit for broadcast to something pretty damn special -- isn't in the running for Best Actor. It boggles the mind.
I am always reminded of the brilliant family film of the same name ('Into the West') starring Gabriel Byrne...

When I was little, I watched that over and over on VHS, napua. Thanks for bringing up a great memory! :-)

I have to agree about the suckiness of these nominations, IMO. While it's great to see nominations for Six Feet Under, My Name is Earl, The Office, Colbert Report, Daily Show and Denis Leary, and I also really liked Andre Braugher's Thief miniseries, most of these are the same old faces. Then, there are all the burns: BSG in the sci-fi technical awards but not in the acting/writing/directing, no VM at all (in the words of Jubal Early, "Is that right?"), Hugh Laurie not being on the list, no acting/writing/directing for HIMYM -- I could rant for days, and there would still be suckiness on this list, IMO. :-(

To end on a positive, I agree that Fury's 24 should be the new title. It just sums the whole show up so well! ;-)

ETA: I just looked closely at the whole giant list -- thanks for the links, gossi! -- and Mammoth is nominated for Outstanding Visual Effects. I loves me some Summer, but best effects? In the words of Gob Bluth (also nominated, that's a big yay!), "Come on!" ;-)

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Where is Lauren Ambrose for Best Supporting Actress in a drama series!

Its a travesty I tell you! A travesty!
Good point, Apocalypse. Lauren has always been great, but she was extra-great this year, dealing with, er, the big event that happened near the end of this last season of SFU. *promises self to stop ranting* :-(
Despite the Emmy nominators proving once again that they just don't watch enough TV to do their job well, the only justice would be to see "Arrested Development" win Best Comedy.
I'm not sure where complaints are really justified this year ('cept for maybe some of the more awful comedies being nominated). I only watched the first three episodes of Veronica Mars and I haven't seen Battlestar Galactica yet, but if that's all that's sorely missing, the Emmy voters are doing okay, aren't they? Looking at the noms, there's enough variety on there and enough shows (especially the dramas) that I watch that I consider quality that has me thinking they're doing well enough.

I'm just thankful they aren't nearly all lawyer/cop/medical dramas the way it used to be. That used to happen quite a bit for several years there.

I don't get upset with not seeing any genre-TV in the popular [read: televised] categories anymore (or much genre--Lost is easy viewing for the normally genre-wary, but kudos to it for at least breaking through). It's just not as widely watched among the overall population (either that, or the majority of folks with Nielsen boxes are the most boring people on the planet), so it stands to reason the voters won't have seen as much of it either. I'm not sure we'll ever see the likes of Battlestar Galactica in the headlining noms, not sure how that could be changed short of brainwashing folks into watching it, so there's no point griping about it anymore if you're as tired of that as I am.

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There's a new voting system this year, which a lot of people credit with putting people like Denis Leary on the map. I think that of all the categories, Best Actress in Comedy is the most disappointing -- how many years has Jane Kazmarack been nominated? Seriously, give someone else a chance! Especially because I think a lot of other people have done a great job.

I love that Grey's Anatomy got a lot of nods, though it's perplexing why none of the men (especially Isaiah Washington and T.R. Knight) have not gotten any nominations.

It is a travesty that Hugh Laurie wasn't nominated!!
What did Alias get nominated for? I'm to lazy to check.

And the dude that plays Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars needs to be nominated for an Emmy, he brings all the laughs and he's good at it.
Yeah, the nominations have definitely improved since the `90s.

Early on during that decade, it's pretty cool to see stuff like Twin Peaks, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Quantum Leap (three times!) get nominated, but none of them won. I'm not sure if Quantum Leap was good enough to be Emmy-worthy, I only have a kid's memory of it, but I know it was good fun and Scott Bakula was a hell of a lot more engaging in it than as Archer on Enterprise.

1995 through 1998 saw nearly the same nominees each year.
Chicago Hope, ER, Law & Order, NYPD Blue, and The X-Files (which never won in all those four years), with The Practice replacing Chicago Hope's spot in `98. The winners were, respectively, NYPD Blue, ER, Law & Order, and then The Practice for those four years, dancing around The X-Files the entire time but rewarding the recurring non-genre offerings.

A bit of change finally began to take place when The Sopranos broke the pattern in 1999. The Practice still won that year (its second) and The X-Files was bumped (maybe deservedly at that late in its life? Can't remember what season that would've been), but at least there were finally some shifts.

2000 saw The Sopranos in the noms again and the arrival of The West Wing, which took it. 2001 saw the same nominees with The West Wing winning for a second time.

Even more promising change in 2002 happening--24 and Six Feet Under show up on the list, though The West Wing wins again.

2003 has one of the best mixes of noms possible, short of having Buffy, Angel, Firefly, or whatever other worthwhile genre shows were on that year that could've qualified. 24, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, The West Wing, and CSI (I've watched many CSI eps--it's technically well made and some of the actors are good, but sorry, IMO, procedurals with little character don't deserve to make the Emmys. The Emmys' criteria for what qualifies a good drama may say different). The West Wing wins again, wow.

2004 saw the same list except Joan Of Arcadia replaced Six Feet Under's slot. Are Joan Of Arcadia's two seasons worth renting, even considering it didn't get a proper conclusion? I'm kinda curious about it, always have been.
The Sopranos won that year. Yay, first and only win for an HBO drama so far.

Frickin 2005 was beautiful, at least to me since I watched and loved four out of the five shows that were nominated. The West Wing didn't win last year, Lost's first season did. I would've given it to 24's third year, Six Feet Under's fourth season, or especially newcomer at the time Deadwood, but at least something genre finally won and, IMO, Lost earned it well enough. 24, Deadwood, Lost, Six Feet Under, and The West Wing though? There's some serious diversity for ya.

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Nominations look okay with the excpetion of Hugh Laurie not being nominated for House. That is quite frankly ridiculous! (The guys a genius in my opinion.) I wonder how often the Golden Globe winner isn't even nominated in the Emmy's.
Nominations suck.
I really hope Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart win the best supporting actor and actress in a drama categories for their roles as the Logans in 24. Those two characters had me throwing things at the TV throughout the season, and I thought the performances were fantastic.

It's nice to see Andre Braugher get nominated for his role in Thief for best lead actor in a mini-series/movie. Thief had its flaws, such as at least one of the central sub-plots going abolutely nowhere (the damn thing was only six episode long! -- surely they must have had some idea where they wanted to go with those sub-plots?), but Andre Braugher and Mae Whitman as his step daughter were spellbinding.

I can only chime in with others here that Battlestar Galactica was cruelly overlooked in only being nominated for technical categories. The usual excuse of sci-fi ghettoisation can't be used here; BSG has received more mainstream critical praise and attention than any genre show I can remember (and I'm no spring chicken).

For those who haven't seen it yet Bleak House was absolutely wonderful, and Gillian Anderson's icy performance is wholly deserving of the best actress in a mini-series/movie award.

Lastly, nice to be back. *waves* I've been snowed under with work and real life stuff and haven't posted in ages.

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>>What did Alias get nominated for? I'm to lazy to check.<<

I believe it was Outstanding Hairstyling and Outstanding Stunt Direction.

I am disappointed James Spader wasn't nominated for Outstanding Actor in a Drama... he's now unable to go for a hatrick! But I hope that Shatner can get the hatrick instead. Also torn beteen Jean Smart and Candice Bergman for Supporting Actress..... hmmm.
sigh...gilmore girls gets dissed yet again. oh least lisa kudrow got some love.
Thank you aapac!
Hi, dzr, welcome back to the fun! I'm sharin' the Thief love, esp. about Mr. Braugher and Ms. Whitman. Here's an incredible fact: she also played "Ann," George Michael's bland girlfriend ("Her?") on Arrested Development (and our own Alan Tudyk played her father Reverend Veal -- heh, from Alan as your dad to Andre -- that just rocks!), which I certainly hope wins every award it was nominated for as a "Sorry You Got Cancelled" prize! ;-)

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Totally agree billz

Ambrose has been fantastic year after year after year, but her performance in the last 5 episodes was nothing but stellar

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