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July 06 2006

Building the Ultimate Bookshelf. Ign's new comic special "From A to Z, every trade paperback you need to make the perfect collection" features Fray: Future Slayer on their list. Whedon's Astonishing X-Men also get's a mention.

I just re-read Fray a couple of days ago and it was just as good as I remembered. It's by far my favourite Buffy related comic.
My god, that would be the ultimate bookshelf! Very nice picks. Extemely glad to see Fray listed among them.
Happily surprised to see indie stuff like Finder and A Distant Soil on there (I would've figured IGN would find A Distant Soil a little too `80s and bisexual to recommend to their predominantly straight male readership).

Lotta stuff on their lists I've read and loved.

100 Bullets (god I'm behind on that one, about halfway I think, even though I started when the series did)

Adventures of Barry Ween: Boy Genius (they neglected to recommend Judd Winick's other masterpiece, Pedro & Me)

Bone (only one trade away from finishing after borrowing as much as my friend had, think I'll wait for the rest of the color volumes before re-reading and polishing it off--it's a hell of a lot more fun in color)

Fray, Ghost World, Global Frequency, Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, Maus, Midnight Nation, Y: The Last Man, Sandman, Strangers in Paradise, Watchmen, Whiteout, We3 (*wells up*)...

Cool to see a lotta Bendis' stuff on there as well. Goldfish and Jinx are cool, Torso is chilling, and Alias? (not based on the TV series) So good. All Marvel offerings should be that good.

Rising Stars doesn't deserve to be on there, IMO.

I'd add The Pro and at least one of Joseph Michael Linsner's Dawn trades. Probably a few others, at least one really perverse series like Warren Ellis' Strange Kiss/Killings line or something equally weird or pornographic or something.

So much I still need to read. Only got the first two Queen & Country trades, haven't read more than a few flimsy issues of Hellboy, gotta pick up the Runaways issues I'm missing from its second volume, complete the second Promethea and buy the third, finally get around to reading my Age of Bronze, Fables, Top Ten, Transmet, and Orbiter trades, and eventually check out The Goon, Kabuki, Planetary, The Authority, Ex Machina, Powers, Concrete, Preacher, Akira, Blade of the Immortal, Leave it to Chance, Cerebus, The Goon, Wanted, Sin City, Tom Strong, The Red Star, Soulwind, and Supreme Power.

Yeah, I'm sure I'll get around to all those in this lifetime.

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Ok, as a comic fan that's a great list, and I now want to print it out and own most of it (the ones I don't already have), but how can they possibly have left out Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics?"

I know that every "best of" list will have it's critics, but seriously. What's up with that? Not even an honorable mention???

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