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July 06 2006

TVsquad talks about the unaired Buffy pilot. Please note: these sorts of links have to be removed due to copyright and other concerns. I am leaving this post up as this link is being posted almost as often as the Priyanka Chopra casting rumours.

I saw was posted last year, but I didn't see a link to the pilot.

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This will get removed - copyright etc.
There is a link on the last word "here". I have seen it before and can fully understand why Joss never wanted anyone to see it.
Just like the thread the other day this is gone
So I'll just say, I liked the version Joss shopped around. Even if it is not an actual pilot. he says.
Leaked scripts. Leaked pilots.

Wake me when someone leaks some outtakes from the R. Tam Sessions! ;)
I know this will vanish soon, but I'm curious what the copyright concern is, especially given that the "early version of Serenity script" link didn't get taken down, and spawned an 80+ comment discussion. This link seems to have been to a TV Squad post that describes the unaired Buffy pilot and provides its own link to find it; the Serenity link is to a description that contains a significant amount of theoretically copyrighted material right on that page, as well as, in Chris Bridges' words, "not publishing the script, but I'll tell you where to get it, describe it for you, and give you the dialogue or facts I think are the most interesting to fans." That "tell you where to get it" is little different from the TV Squad post including a Youtube link.

I'm not questioning the fact of the policy, mind you, which is totally and understandably up to the mods; merely hoping to gain clarification about it, since in both cases it seems like WHEDONesque is no more at risk of liability than Google is if I go type in "unaired buffy pilot" and figure out where it lives.
The early version of the Serenity script wasn't the complete thing - it was a review of it. If somebody posted the complete script PDF here, it would get removed, and rightly so.
Got to agree here, Scotto, and its not hard to find. Someone else put this on YouTube not Whedonesque, so why are there copywrite concerns here?

As for the "pilot" itself its fascinating to see how much from this made it into the first 2 Buffy eps, and how many lines were re-ordered. Yes, the action is abit off but the scenes with Sarah and Tony sizzle and Nic seems a total natural.

For all the dissing of the "original" Willow that I'd heard about I don't think the young lady was that bad. And its interesting that even back then Joss was trying to present more zaftig women but continual network interference kept him from doing so.

Truly, this is a delightful artifact and I wish it had been included in the DVD sets.
If I am not mistaken, it is site policy not to link to downloads that may involve copyright infringement or to give the URL for those sites. It does not matter who downloaded or scanned the items, if they are not being supplied by the official owner, a link to it is usually not allowed.
Thanks for clearlng that up.
I would've thought most Buffy fans would've seen the pilot by now. I know when I became a fan it was one of the first things I downloaded from Kazaa.
After watching that, can I just say how much I love Alyson Hannigan as Willow? Nothing against whoever that actress was, but it felt really really strange to have anyone but her called Willow.

Anyway, it seemed very similar to Buffy's first episode in a lot of ways, to me.

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