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July 06 2006

Serenity screenings at Filmhouse Edinburgh on August 14th in honour of 59 years of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, where its World Premiere was "the fastest-selling Film Festival screening ever".

This has been added to the newly-resurrected Regular Screenings list on Can't Stop The Serenity.
Just look at the company our BDM is keeping! It's included alongside "Annie Hall", "Singin' in the Rain", "ET" and ... well ... it's just a pretty damn impressive list. And it includes Serenity. My heart swells with pride. Of course this would be on when I'm not going to be in Edinburgh. Damn.
Serenity opened absolutely huge at the Edinburgh Film Festival. It was a very insane time, I have very fond memories of being there.
I went to both the wednesday and sunday screenings and had a great time. I also stood outside the cinema on the monday premiere and got to see all the BDH's plus Joss (being within 4 feet of your heroes is an exhilarating experience). Also are the tickets availible yet as I couldn't see a link to where we could buy them.
Oh this makes me so happy. I love living in Edinburgh. I have to go back to work that day, but this will be the perfect way to end the summer holidays/begin the new term.
Derf, tickets will be available from the 14th of July. It'll be from the Edinburgh Film Festival site itself which is:

Thanks for the info rileysaplank/Andy, I'll definitely be going.
We got an email saying

"in the thread for the 14th August Edinburgh Serenity
screening someone has said that tickets are available
from 14th July. I bought some today. It's not a
Festival screening, just part of a Filmhouse tribute
season so they are available now.

Didn't want anyone to wait and be disappointed..."

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