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July 06 2006

Sideshow Cordelia available for pre-order! More pictures and details of what she comes with.

I'm not sure if you need to be subscribed to their newsletter to order her. If that's the case, it should be open to all in a few days. They usually give the newsletter subscribers first shot. She looks fabulous!

Thanks for the heads up Firefly Flanatic! I believe you have to subscribe to the newsletter for a chance to preorder, but all you need to subscribe is to come up with...alas... the dreaded password. I have all 60,000 of mine on a Rolodex! Haven't gotten the newsletter yet, but went to the website and preordered Cordy.
Must say I don't like the slacks! But what the heck. My collection groweth!!
Darn, only 1 per customer. I was thinking I'd buy one for my best friend and hold on to it until X-mas.
I think you can pre-order without being a newsletter subscriber. If you go to the main 'Buffy' page. Click on the thread discussing the mystery figure. I believe it's the "Who is it?" link. That will bring you to the preview Cordy page and on that page is a link stating she's now available.
Yep, got my email today too and placed my order.

I'm with ya there AM, her pants don't thrill me either. LOL.

Hard to kick this doll habit when they come out with new dolls.

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