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July 07 2006

Another great fan encounter with Nathan. A random Hollywood run-in with a Browncoat leads to a quick photo op by the ever gracious Cap'n. The photo also shows he still has a fondness for kilts and Kane shirts. ;)

Any more questions as to whether Nathan loves his flans as much as we love him? LOL

Aww, Nathany goodness is always welcome. Congrats to the flan that got the photo op.
My friend saw Nathan at E3 this year. Went up to him, asked for a picture with him, and got a "sorry, it's my day off." Really bummed him out since this was probably the only chance he'd ever get to meet any of the cast. Bummed me out hearing that story from him, especially seeing how gracious Nathan normally seems to be around fans.
Kane T-shirt -- rockin'. Kilt -- er, gotta think about this one. ;-)

Sorry to hear about your friend's experience, Okkay. It doesn't sound like what we usually hear about Nathan, but I guess everybody has to have a day off sometime, and your friend had very bad luck. :-( (BTW, sorry if this is a dumb question, but what's E3?)
Its the big video game convention.
Ohhhhh -- thanks, eddy! That certainly makes sense for our Captain! ;-)
Nice pic--that should happen to ME. 'Course I'd have to be in LA for any chance - Nathan, please come to Boston!

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Just curious Okkay, did your friend happen to notice if he was with anyone? I ask because that is when many actors will call a halt to doing fan stuff in their down time. They cannot give the person they are with their full attention, or make them feel like they are being given their full attention if they are giving autographs and interacting with fans instead of the person they are supposed to be spending time with.
Lucky devil! Once again Nathan shows just how cool and nice he is! That's why I intend to see every movie he releases in theatre and purchase every DVD with him in it. Good guys should finish closer to the top once in awhile.
Yeah, E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo (videogame geek extravaganza).
E3 is the mecca of video game geeks and those who want to know whats coming up in the world of gaming.

Also, its full of people who want to be seen. E3 is big stuff now.

Nathan is awesome!
Echoing Rivergirl- Nathan (and all you other Whedon alums), please come to Boston! We are seriously bereft of decent sci-fi conventions (except for Wizardworld, which I FREAKING MISSED because I was away at what's normally called "college" and had no "money"). Also, anyone else think Nathan's gained a litte weight? Like those overalls and trousers would fit a bit more snugly now? On the other hand, his forearms look JACKED!
I LOVE that Nathan wears kilts. Kilts are super hot! I'm not sure, but I think that looks like a utilikilt. If you're curious, go here:

I also love that Nathan is so gracious. He rocks.
Newcj has a very good point: if the actor is with someone it is really rude to interupt their time together, and I think the fan should give them their privacy. But even if the actor is alone, you don't know how busy they are or what they have on their mind, you can't expect people to be 'on' all the time. Personally I've seen actors on the street, but I've never approached them feeling that just a nod and a smile is sufficient.
However it is very sweet that Nathan was so gracious to this particular Browncoat, and I know he always goes that extra mile at fan conventions.
I have to agree with newcj and embers that Nathan or any of the actors shouldn't be expected to be 'available' when they are on their own, private time. Can you imagine if someone (who knew what you looked like, but you didn't recognize them) called out your name and quickly started coming towards you? I might feel confused or tempted to back away. And if you didn't stop for a photo op or whatever people might get it into their heads that you are rude or a jerk when you're just trying to go about your business like any non-famous person. I'm sure it would be exciting to see a handsome hunk of manly man like Nathan unexpectedly, but he's ultimately a stranger when you think about it.
Is 'Kane' a hip clothing line? or a surf brand, or what? i did google it, but nothing seemed like a good *fit*
He is the man!
foofaraw,, IIRC, Kane is Christian Kane's band (Lindsey on Angel). :-)
foofaraw -- Kane is Christian Kane's band >> or (if you want to hear some of his band's tunes) :)

I personally think it's a hip clothing line by itself. ;)
Kane is Christian Kane's band. Christian played evil lawyer Lindsey on Angel. I have a t-shirt like Nathan's, but mine still has sleeves and my arms don't look half so good.

LOL... looks like I was beaten to the punch. I agree, it is a hip line of clothing!

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okkay -- sorry to hear about your friend's experience, but even the nicest people just don't want to be bothered some days. Lord knows there are some days where I want to avoid people. LOL But at least he was nice about refusing. I've actually witnessed actors going off on fans just wanting to say hi -- Cameron Diaz had the audacity to loudly berate a fan at a mall in Orlando for asking for her autograph. It was so sad to see.
As far as I know, no, he wasn't with anyone. Either way though, I don't bear any ill will towards Nathan for refusing a picture with my friend, nor do I fault him for not being available to every fan all the time. I know that would be unreasonable for any celebrity to do.

I'm just disappointed in this particular case because it happened to my friend, who doesn't live in LA and will probably never have this kind of chance again, and the fact that Nathan is usually so accomodating to fans just makes it all the more hard to swallow. But in no way does this change my opinion of Nathan.
Ya thats definatly a utilikilt, looks to be a survivor in olive. I got one just like it, once you wear a kilt you see all the advantages to them.

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A kilt? Really? I hadn't noticed. Oh well some people juggle geese.

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