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July 07 2006

David Boreanaz will be at Comic-Con on July 21st. He'll be at Room 20 at 3pm (after the Battlestar Galactica panel). He and the executive producer of "Bones" will talk about what will happen when the second season starts in August.

Damn! Lucy Lawless and David all in one day? And right after each without having to move? I am soooooo there!

I love Bones,so this sounds really cool! He has always been so funny at all his other ComicCon appearances.
I want a Comic-Con in Sweden! With all the cool people.
Ha,Ha me too but hell will freeze over before all these people cross the Atlantic, also dont think Sweden can compete with San Diego which I have to admit is a nice place.

Poor Richard Kelly should have brought SMG with him to distract the audience from the more negative questions about Southland Tales.
Sounds great.

Also, at the IDW panel, they'll be discussing the Angel and Spike comics.
Okay, now I'm feeling even better about my decision to go to Comic-Con this year! So much to do!
But at the same time Richard Kelly and Southland Tales will be in Room 6CDEF. Any chance SMG might put in an appearance? Having attended Comic-Con the last two years, these things drove me crazy. They always seemed to schedule the panels I wanted to see at the same time. A word of advice for those of you going, last year the Battlestar Galactica panel was packed, so if you want to get a good seat for David, get there early - at least an hour before the BG program starts.
I want to get a a good seat for the BSG one and then will sit my little butt there for DB.

Gosh, I hope SMG is not there, that would really irk me too!
We're hoping SMG is not at Comic-Con this year? That's a change from a couple of years ago when she was there. Actually, she may be filming something during that time. Maybe Kelly will bring The Rock instead.

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I would LOVE to see her, but I don't think that want to go to panel about her movie.

See her, Yes. But BSG and DB are more intresting with their current subjects.
While I'm at work in a building above the Star of India, David Boreanaz will be in a room at the Convention Center. I'm kicking myself for not having had the foresight to arrange for attending the Con. I couldn't find a mention of David at the Comic Con website and I take it Joss Whedon won't be there this year? I had read somewhere he might be. 2007 might be better though since the Buffy Season 8 comic series will be out.
Even if Joss is not present, I won't be surprised if we get some further annoncement from Scott Allie about Buffy Season 8, during some Dark Horse panel during the Comicon.
Maybe even show us some promotional art of sorts.

Those comments from Jeanty about how cool would be a Halloween release, just reminded me that the original Buffy regular comic series, was also released around the Halloween time. It wasn't really Halloween but close to it, in September of 1998, when season 3 was about to begin. Not that it was something really memorable, cause that Andi Watson phase was just kind of silly.

I'm really looking forward for the new season of Bones. It was pretty cool that they started to focus more on character development, even though it's pretty much a procedural drama.

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I bet Joss will be there. He's pretty much always there. And he's got AXM to promote this year. I just hope if he signs at the Marvel booth hubby and I won't miss it this year.

And maybe he'll show us some advance footage slides of his script from Wonderwoman! :~P
I would kill to meet DB and SMG. You guys going are SO lucky.

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